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Minutes: March 17, 2015


Teleconference Meeting March 17, 2015

The 3/17/2015 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were, 1st Vice President Bill Simonar, 2nd Vice President SE: Don Mittag, SE: Gary Fechter, SW: Jerry Farnsworth, NW: Glenn Hamerly, 1st Alt. Delegate Kevin Doerring, Dwight Paulin 2nd Alt Delegate, ATA Delegate Rick Tesker, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien, and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for teleconference was NE: Dave Wehmeir, SW Adam LePine

Meeting started at 6:30


Bruce: The JEM Grant was approved for $12,000 dollars for advertising and will be sent out. He has been talking to Summit to see where our loan stands. They are working on option for our loan. Hopefully we will have some answers for the face-to-face meeting. He also sent the donation list to the Dept. of Revenue hoping it will be enough information for them. On Saturday he was going to get final estimates for the new building at the Homegrounds. He also brought up what we can do to strengthen our financial situation right now. Bruce said he was going to contact Fred Kasten the treasurer for the Homegrounds and ask him to come to the face-to-face meeting to get things straightened out. Dennis and Don are still looking into how it would work if Dennis would become a private contractor. If that happens then we would pay him and he would be responsible for insurance and taxes on his own. Bruce was wondering what we are really getting out of the RV shows. We have been to them for two years and we are not getting much of a return. We might need to look into of forms of advertising for the Homegrounds. Jerry thought it would be a good idea to maybe look into different things for advertising. They talked about the contract for the manager’s position. Also a job description for the manager’s job. Don was going to look into the job description from last year and was going to send it out so that in can be revised and checked by the face-to-face meeting. Bruce wanted to know who had the contract that was for the manager’s position. It was thought that the board of directors for the Homegrounds would have it. Bruce was going to ask Fred who might have the contract. There was also talk of getting hours set for the Homegrounds as far as when people can shoot. Posting the hour on the website as well as at the shooting range. Hopefully a lot of these questions will be worked out during the face-to-face meeting. There are a few more things to be done around the camp grounds which he is hoping to get a good turn out for a work day. There was a lot of concern as to what members are not hearing. If you have any questions you can talk to your Director for the information. Dennis is also working on getting ads for the program for 2015.

Jim: Jim updated the directors on the financial situation. He said a few donations are coming in. Bills were paid this week. Replenished the Homegrounds check book. Summit is not yet paid. He was hoping to replace the building fund the $5000 that was borrowed. He asked what kind of things can we have any kind of donations. The Directors said that just about everything could use the donations. He also said that he had called Theresa and we both agreed that the treasurer and the secretary would hold their wages until we can get a handle on the financial situation. There was talk about what to do about the Homegrounds checkbook. Who should be writing out checks? Why it seems to be overdrawn so often? Rick suggested that the treasurer for the Homegrounds should start handling the checkbook. We need to start getting a handle on the expenses.

Don: Don said he was going to get a cash register, he is hoping it will keep track of what is being taken in at the Homegrounds for camping and shooting. It will help keep thing more organized as to what came in and for what. Don was going to call the accountant also to see how things would work if Dennis would become a private contractor and what it would mean for us. Don also mentioned that all board meetings are open to members.

Rick: The biggest thing he was hearing for members was the concern of what wages were going out through the winter months when there is no income from anywhere. People are not wanting to donate because they are worried where that money would go.

Theresa: I received an email from John wanting to know averages for the high shooters. I didn’t know who had the applications so I asked Rick. He gave them to Kevin. Kevin said he would get those totals to John soon.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00.

Next meeting: We will have a Face to Face meeting on March 28, 2015 at 9:00 at the Sherwood Lodge.