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Minutes: February 19, 2015


Teleconference Meeting February 19, 2015

The 02/19/2015 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley.

Directors on line were, 2nd Vice President Don Mittag, S/E: Gary Fechter, S/W: Adam LePine, Jerry Farnsworth, N/W: Glenn Hamerly, ATA Delegate Rick Tesker, Tresurer Jim Kroeplien and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for teleconference was, 1st Vice President Bill Simonar, 1st Alt. Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin and N/E: Dave Wehmeir

Meeting started at 6:30


Bruce: Bruce asked for a teleconference to discuss the financial dilemma the WTA is having. He called a meeting to see what they can do to get the bills paid. We have very little left in the checking and we need ideas to make money. It was suggested that we get out a donation letter to all members. Jim said that he would work on the letter and he hopes to have them out as soon as possible. Bruce also thought it would be a good idea to send out reminders to the donations that are do for 2015. I was working on the donations for the 2014 donations not yet received. So I told Bruce I would get out the letters for both donation years. Bruce and the Directors all agreed that we need to get the word out as many ways as possible to help shooters understand how the financial situation is. Bruce also asked what we could do to help get cash flowing again during this very slow time. Although there were a few things talked about the main idea of a new donation letter was the one that the Directors thought should go out. Most Board members said it is hard to come up with ideas so if any shooters have ideas to get cash flowing they will be listening. Also Bruce asked the Board how often they get contact from shooters for questions. They all agreed that contact with the shooters is very low right now but during the summer they are being approached with many questions. The Directors would love to see more shooters involved in helping with the Homegrounds. Bruce is working on the building plans for the storage building. Bruce also talked about working on the website. He feels we need things to be always changing to keep shooters interested. Our new web master will be looking into these changes.

Insurance: The Board also talked about insurance. Right now we do not have workman’s comp. Insurance. If we go with the policy we have now it will add an additional about $6000 dollars to the insurance. There was talk that this seemed really high. Jim asked for the policy so that he could shop around for a better priced insurance. Glenn was going to get the policy sent to him as soon as possible.

Jim: Jim gave a report as to how much we have left in the checking and also went through what bills are coming in. He is receiving some checks from Melinda. He also received checks for Bill for camping. These two things will help but we do not have enough money coming in to pay the bills. He also mentioned a withdrawal form checking for a federal number. He asked the board what those withdrawals are for. No one was sure what it was so Jim said he will look into it. Jim also asked about a few other bills, one was for the cell phones the others Jim said he would look into them because the Directors were unsure what they were for.

Don: Don brought up sending out invoices for sponsors. Don was also going to look into getting the list on WTA members for Jim so that he can start sending out the donation letters. Don was also going to but the donation letter on the blog in hopes shooters would see it sooner.

Gary: Gary asked if we might think of selling the commercial 40 acres on the south east side. It might be something that could be looked into to help raise money.

Jerry: Jerry said that he went to shoots in Janesville and Jefferson and the talk was that some shooters will be waiting for the new donation letter. He also heard that some shooters were not too happy that the Board of Directors voted to lower the price of the youth shoots.

State Shoot Program: Bruce brought up that Lori will not be able to get advertising like she did last year for the program. It was suggested that maybe Denny would be able to do this since he is building good relationships with many of the businesses around the Rapids area. If he can do this soon it will hopefully help the cash flow. Bruce was going to talk to Denny about working on the advertising.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15

Next meeting: The next meeting is a teleconference on March 2nd, 2015.