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Minutes: January 31, 2015


Face to Face January 31, 2015

The 01/31/2015 face to face meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:00 A.M. by President Bruce Stiteley.

Directors present were, S/E: Gary Fechter, S/W: Adam LePine, Jerry Farnsworth, N/W: Glenn Hamerly, N/E: Dave Wehmeir, ATA Delegate Rick Tesker, 1st Alt. Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, Treasurer Jim Kroeplien and Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent for face to face meeting were 1st Vice President Bill Simonar and 2nd Vice President Don Mittag. Also present at the meeting was Dick Otto, Arlene Otto, Fred Kasten, Jay Nigbor, Don Chrapla and John Atkielski.

Meeting started at 9:00


Bruce: Bruce started with wanting to work on what the charges would be for the shoots that will be hosted at the Homegrounds. There was to be a SCTP meeting that day and he wanted to get them the price for their meeting. The director have decided that if the organization holding the shoot does not need us to provide workers they would charge $18 dollars per 100. If we need to provide the help it would be $21 dollars per 100. The motion was made by Rick Tesker and seconded by Glenn Hamerly to except the dollar amounts of $18dollars per 100 without help and $21 dollars per 100 when providing help. This went to vote and it was 7 Yah and 0 Nay. It was also talked about keeping the practice price the same at $6 dollars per 25 and $5 dollars for doubles. Also it was talked about changing how to charge the food venders. It was decided to ask for 15% daily. Glenn was going to talk to the food venders about this change.

Theresa: I am working on the newsletter for the 2015 calendars. I asked for information from anyone else they would like to see put I the newsletter. I also asked about who to send the postings for the website updates, it was said that Elizabeth will be entering all information on the website for now on. I asked which directors will be receiving the voting rules and ballots for the zone shoots. I will be sending them to Gary, Jerry, Bruce and Bill.

Jim: Jim handed out the financial reports to all board members. He talked about things that could be done to help save money as we are very low on cash. He is now doing the pay roll which is saving money. He let the board know that we received the fine money from Beaver Dam. He is hoping to see if we could get cheaper insurance and asked the directors if they also would look into it. He brought up a fund drive by sending out a letter in which his daughter printed out for an idea to start with. Dave was going to revise the letter and hopefully we can get this letter out and try to get donations so that the building and other things can be done. He also talked about needing to split up the WTA and the Homegrounds as soon as possible which, will also help on the WTA money flow. For the books he also needed to know if the WTA owned the skidsteer, the directors said that the WTA owns it. One of Jim’s questions was how the land is owned, Directors said that as of right now it is all under the WTA. All of Jim’s questions were answered and he will be able to meet with the bookkeeper and get everything worked out. He also mentioned he has been working on the donation list. He and his wife worked extensively going thru most of the files looking for donations. He figures that it is all figured out up to date. I was asked to write letters to those that have pledged a donation for 2014 and we did not receive it as of yet. Jim talked about how his daughter and the Oconto Falls FFA were thinking about selling water and things from a golf cart during the state shoot up and down the line which they would be spiting the profits with the WTA. He is trying to get ideas out there for fund raising so we can keep going with the development of the Homegrounds. Jim brought up a few things to save the WTA on the bills such as paying only interest on the loan, pay role, donation drive, camping ideas such as have gun safety weekends, a play area for kids, game room, etc. We need to get out more information about the Homegrounds out to get people interested in camping. The reason for trying to save money and try to get a letter out there for more donations is because we are not getting money in right now and as of next month we will not be able to pay the bills. We need any ideas the shareholders might have to keep the Homegrounds going.

Jeff: Jeff was unable to attend this meeting but will hopefully be at our net meeting. But Bruce talked to him and he is working very hard on splitting the Homegrounds and the WTA into separate businesses.

Rick: Rick did not have much to report on the behalf of the ATA. He mentioned that they are very busy working out the details on the merging of the ATA and the SCTP. He mentioned Bill McCredie passed away. He was asked by Jerry if they had done anything about the Handicap Champ from the grand. Ricks said as of yet they are still looking into it.

Hall Of Fame: John and Jay came to the meeting to talk about changes they had done on the Nomination Forms and guideline rules for nominations. They feel that a person that is being nominated has the right to know and the nominee should sign the nomination form. They feel that the changes would help nominators get the right information when nominating someone. The reason for this is because if the nomination is not accepted that nominee would not be able to be nominated again within 3 years. One of the other changes being made was changing the re-nominations to 5 years. They have worked hard to make it fair for every nominee. The HOF nominees are nominated either for their shooting abilities or how much a person or company has contributed to the sport. The changes were made because some nominees for this year were rejected for not enough information. They feel changes will be made more often as the HOF changes thru the years. Rick asked if it would be reasonable to post what all the HOF members were nominated for in the state program. There was some conversation about this but nothing was decided as of yet but this information would be up to the Directors to change. They asked the board to accept these changes that were made to the Nomination Forms and Guidelines Rules. There was a motion to accept changes made by Rick and seconded by Gary. This went to vote it was 7 Yay and 0 Nay. Motion passed. The next thing they brought to the board was the nominee for Virgil Bomkamp to be inducted into the HOF. There was a motion made by Glenn to accept the HOF suggested HOF inductee. This was seconded by Jerry. This went to vote it was 7 Yah and 0 Nay. This Motion was passed. Congratulations to Virgil Bomkamp for being inducted into the HOF. Changes on the guideline rules and nomination forms will be posted on the website.

Bruce: Bruce updated the board on the Homegrounds. Dennis was unable to come to the meeting he was in Madison at a show. He talked to Dennis who reported that the shows are going well. He also talked about needing new board members for the Homegrounds. So if you are interested in getting involved contact a Director. Don Charpla was nominated by Rick to join the board of directors for the Homegrounds. It was seconded by Gary. It went to vote it passed 7 Yay and 0 Nay. Don accepted the position on the Homegrounds Board of Directors. Bruce also talked about going out to the Homegrounds next week and stake out where the storage building will be. Hopefully we will get enough donations to put up this building soon. If you would like to make a donation or help out you can contact any Board member.

Banquet: The board talked about the banquet for this year and what it should be. They were thinking it would be nice to make it a little less formal and at the Homegrounds hoping that there would be more shooters in attendance. There will also be inducting Virgil into the HOF at the banquet. If you would like to help work out the details for the banquet you can contact Theresa Howland at 3howland@gmail.com or any Director would be able to help you. We could use some fresh new ideas for the banquet.

Zone Shoots: Bruce asked Kevin if the clubs hosting the zone shoots have given their programs to him. Kevin reported that most of them have come in and it looks like they are very close to the same as far as charging and how they will be run. Kevin mentioned about who will be ordering the buckles and it was decided that he would be doing that.

State Program: John asked for changes that the Board of Directors would like to see for the 2015 State Shoot Program. Bruce was asked to update the president’s message in the program. Some of the changes for this year will be there will be medallions given out for higher places which will help if shooters are looking for a chance to earn All American Points. They talked about the advancing of winners of classes. This will stay the same. Also in the back of the book traps will run starting each group on the odd trap first. So it will go 1-2, 3-4 and so on. There was also changes to the hours that cashiering will open that will be 8:00 till 4:00 except for on Saturday we will open at 7:30 because of the annual meeting. Trophies will be posted as to when they will be given out. There was changes to duties and also Directors for this year. If you are interested in sponsoring an event you can contact any Director. There will be many changes so make sure that you look over the program carefully. The ladies trip will now be a casino trip for anyone which will run Thursday, Friday and Saturday. They also talked about putting in the program that if a shooter does not have proof of their register targets by an average card or a printed out card at the time of classification they will be penalizes for the state shoot for class and yardage. It will be easier on everyone if you have your average card.

Glenn: Glenn asked if the Directors would like the beer sold at the state shoot this year. They all agreed that it would be sold again after shooting is done. He also said that a new vendor would be coming to the state shoot. It is Pistol Pete’s who will be trying to do a breakfast buffet this year.

Adam: Adam talked about working with the school for getting workers for the events at the Homegrounds. He got conformation that the kids would be working for not only the state shoot but they will help for the other shoots. Jason said that if there is any work that could be done that the students are always looking for community service hours. He talked about the agreement for the school and they agreed to do it for $25,000 dollars with a bonus of $4,000 if all goes well.

Bruce: Don was not able to come so Bruce addressed what he has been working on. He was looking into things that will be handed out at the state shoot as shooters classify. He also said that Melinda who has been working very hard on coordinating all the ATA shoots will not be doing this job next year. If you are interested in helping out with this we could use the help. Please contact an officer for details.

There will be a work day out at the Homegrounds on April 11th 2015 starting at 8:00. It would be nice to see you there.

Motion to pay bills made by Gary seconded by Rick.

Meeting was adjourned by Rick and seconded by Gary at 3:30 PM.

Next meeting: The next meeting will be a teleconference on March 2nd, 2015. The next Face to Face Meeting will be held at9:00 on March 28th, 2015 at the Sherwood Lodge. Bruce will be calling if a Teleconference is needed.