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Minutes: June 2, 2014


Teleconference Meeting June 2, 2014

The 6/2/2014 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were 1st Vice President Bill Simonar, SE: Don Mittag, SW: Adam LePine, Bob Ebbers, NW: Glenn Hamerly, ATA Delegate Rick Tesker , 1st Alt. Delegate Kevin Doerring, and Secretary Theresa Howland. Joining us for teleconference was Denny Taylor and Paul Becker. Absent for teleconference was Gary Fechter, NE: Dave Wehmeir, Dwight Paulin 2nd Alt delegate, Treasurer Eric Tesker.

Meeting started at 6:30 pm


Paul Becker: Paul talked about doing the Fish Fry on Friday of the state shoot. He was going to run a few scenarios to decide how much to charge per plate. The fish fry should be a delicious time on Friday for everyone. So make sure you keep your Friday open for supper. It would give everyone a chance to visit at the fish fry.

Zone Shoot: Adam ran the voting for the South West Zone Director to replace Dennis Taylor. The winner of this vote was Jerry Farnsworth. He will be joining the Directors after the State Shoot. Welcome Jerry.

Bill: Bill talked about the camping for the state shoot. He reported that the campsites are filling up fast so if you are interested in camping in the new Homegrounds you should contact him. Also if you are interested in renting a golf cart during the state shoot you can contact Bill or Don for a golf cart. Carts need to be rented by June 15, 2014 so we know how many we need.

Dennis Taylor: Dennis said he has ordered the pods for the state shoot they will be coming in by June30, 2014. He also ordered a new pod this year for the trophies so that it will work nicer for the Directors to hand out trophies. He has ordered the port-a-potties and tents for the state shoot. He said that the campsites are almost finished on the west side. They are working putting up fire rings and picnic tables. They have been working on putting up shelters for the trap line. The seeding is done and the grass is coming up already. Things are moving along. Shooters have been coming and using the Bunker trap already. It is working well and is ready for the shoot on June 7-8. Recob’s brought a trailer so we would have a place to store targets and things in. This was extremely helpful. He is working on a garbage bin and if anyone knows of a cheap cardboard bundle machine it would be a great thing to have out there. He is still working on the credit card access for the RV Homegrounds. This will be helpful when that is finished. He is trying to get everything ready for the shoot coming up on June 7-8. A WORK DAY FOR THE HOMEGROUNDS WILL BE ON JUNE 14TH AND 15TH EVERYONE IS WELCOME AND NEEDED. THERE IS ALOT TO DO.

Bruce: Bruce was working on getting things ready for the state shoot as well as the other shoots coming up at the Homegrounds. He asked if we were going to have enough scoring sheets for the state shoot. We got a hold of Jay Adams and he confirmed we will have enough for this year without a problem. He also asked if the Board of Directors wanted to keep working with the same accounting company since our contract is ending. The directors all agreed to stay with the same accounting for now. He is also working on the speaker system for the state shoot.

Around the table.

Don: Don brought up to Rick that shooters were having issues with pre-squading when they are using a check. Rick is going to talk to Michelle and see what is happening. Hopefully things will be worked out.

Adam: Adam said that the training video is almost done. It is turning out great and should be ready so that we can train the workers on the weekend of the 7th and 8th. Bruce and Bill will hopefully be able to help with the training on that weekend so the students will be ready for the state shoot. Zone shoot went well it was a nice weekend with a good turn out of shooters. He said that he and his dad would look into fixing the truck that was donated to the Homegrounds for running around the campgrounds.

Rick: Rick was going to handle getting the state shoot pins. Rick also asked to make sure Eric is on the email list. He seems to be missing some conversations.

Glenn: Beer license is ready for the state shoot. He is looking for a good trailer for the beer. He has all the food vendors ready for the state shoot.

Theresa: I have received information from most of the All State Team on their accomplishments. I am now working on the Annual Meeting Program. I have talked to the cashiers from last year and they all agreed to work again this year. It should be a good crew. I have received an email from Sarah Adams and the banquet will be held at The Ridges Golf Course in Wisconsin Rapids.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:36 pm.

Next meeting: The next Teleconference meeting will be on June 16, 2014.