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Minutes: April 5, 2014


Face to Face April 5, 2014 – Lake Sherwood Lodge

The meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:02a.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors present were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Bob Ebbers, Adam LePine, NW: Glenn Hamerly, 2nd Vice President, and NE: Bill Simonar, NE: Dave Wehmeier, 1st Alt. Delegate Kevin Doerring, 2nd Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin, Treasurer Eric Tesker,Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent was ATA Delegate Rick Tesker. Additional attending were: Dennis and Ruth Taylor, Arlene and Dick Otto, Fred Kasten, Perry Hintz, John Kukulka, Kim Schmitt and Mike Pigusch.

Adam Lepine: Adam was in charge of locating someone to fill in as a SW Zone Director to replace Dennis Taylor. Our last meeting the board members had made a few suggestions to fill this position. Adam worked on contacting these few people to see if any were willing to step in and finish out the directors position. Bob Ebbers was able to say yes to Eric and came to the meeting to be nominated in to the position. There was a motion made by Adam to accept Bob Ebbers as a replacement for the SW Zone director. This motion was second by Don Mittag. It was brought to a vote, it was passed Yea-7 Nay-0. Motion was passed. We would like to welcome and thank Bob Ebbers for accepting this position.

John Kakulka: Bill introduced John Kakulka a coach from Nekoosa High School to the board members. John came to talk about scoring during the state shoot. Also what is to be expected of the kids and the coaches during the state shoot. Bill told John we will need 120 kids each day, hopefully many repeating kids so we will not have to retrain everyday. Being respectful to the shooters will be a must. They talked about the training of the kids, how many kids we would expect to have working on a daily bases. Adam was going to be working on a video to help with the training. It was also talked about that they would be able to gain some experience at the first shoot at the Homegrounds on June 7- 8. John assured the board that they would have enough workers to help out at the state shoot and that the kids are excited to learn and work the state shoot. Everyone is hoping for the best results and a good relationship that will last for future years. The board let John know that the safety glasses and ear protection would be supplied as well as some safety vests for those who are filling the traps. The board also asked for a few responsible kids to come in early to fill houses and do other odd jobs. Both the board and the school coaches are excited and hope all goes well for the shoot.

Secretary: I am working on the annual meeting program. I am also working on letters being sent to our State Team congratulating them on their accomplishments. I am to work on ballots and names for Zone shoot voting will be provided by Dick Otto. When compiled the packet will be sent to the appropriate Zone Director.

Treasurer’s Report: Eric handed out an expense report. He reported that there was not to much going on right now. Taxes are paid for his year. Eric was asked to look into updating the donations so the website would be able to be updated.

ATA: Rick phoned in letting the board know that the ATA made some changes on payouts. They can just be posted on the web instead of sending them out. Big Fifty Program Shoots can be held everyday of the week instead of just a few days. There will be no All American points given for the Champion of Champion Event. There were a few other changes within the program. The Clay Target Champion will be moved to Thursday and the Champion of Champions moves to Wednesday along with the Handicap and doubles Event. This keeps the championship events closer together.

Perry Hintz: Perry came to the meeting to talk to the Board members about the shoot the Junior Olympic qualifier shoot being held at the Homegrounds using the bunker on June 7-8. He has been following the Olympic Bunker shooting with his son for the last three years. He came to answer questions that the board would have about this shoot and how it works. They are hoping to have a grand opening for the bunker at the qualifying shoot. Perry is hoping to teach more people about the rules of this kind of shooting, so the bunker will be used more often in the future. He is trying to get a national shooter to maybe come and talk, in the hopes to get more people interested in the international game. There are only 45 places that have bunkers in the United States, hopefully this could help keep the Homegrounds bunker busy. He also talked about maybe putting on clinics so people can understand how things work. The board would like to thank Perry for his hard work on getting things ready for the Junior Olympic Qualification Shoot.

Report from Dennis Taylor: We are hoping to resume construction with the weather warming up. We are just waiting for the frost to come out of the ground and we will be moving forward. The checking account has been opened up for the Homegrounds. The website is coming along well. He also talked about what things may be in the works for promoting the Homegrounds. Dennis also reported that on June 7-8 there would be two events happening at the Homegrounds. There will be a SCTP shoot and also an Olympic qualification on the new bunker. It was said that each group will provide their own workers. There will be a high school shoot on June 17th. He is working on getting outings lined up for corporations. Dennis has been going to shows, and reports that he is seeing a lot of interest. Dennis has been working on getting bids for the buildings at the Homegrounds. April 28 is when the traps will go in the bunker. We will be asking for volunteers for work days as soon as the weather permits. We are hoping to get those dates up soon so people can plan for those volunteer help days. He also talked about the JEM Grant for the WTA. We did receive this grant again this year for $27,500. He is working on getting proposals for Wi-Fi, speakers and networking for the Homegrounds. We are hoping to get something out there in time for the state shoot. Awards are all picked out for the state shoot. They are still working on picking out awards for the All State Team. He also has been working on ads with Lori. Lori is also working on ladies night for the state shoot. Also there would something in the works for trips to the casino for anyone who might be interested. He is working on getting all of the grounds supplies needed for the state shoot such as port-a-potties, tents, tables and chairs etc.

Don: The WTA has a chance to buy a tanker truck for the Homegrounds. This would be helpful to< water the grounds and roads between the campgrounds. He gave all the specs to the board and it is being decided if this will be a good buy for the Homegrounds.

Lunch Break – 12:35-1:05

Executive Session: 1:05-1:20

By laws: The by laws were going to be looked into by Bruce and Don. They will meet with the lawyers and work out the details of the by laws. They are hoping to get it all worked out by the end of the week. So the voting for the by laws was shelved till things can be worked out.

State Shoot: Rick worked with Michele to pinpoint a proposal for Mueller Technologies to do the cashiering at the state shoot this year. The first proposal was not very specific so after talking with Michelle they were able to create a more specific proposal for the board of $2.50 per hundred targets thrown. After a long discussion with everyone in the room putting in some input there was a motion made by Dave to accept this new proposal from Mueller Technologies and it was seconded Gary. A vote was taken by the board it was Yea-7, Nay-0. The motion went through and Bruce asked Theresa to contact Mueller Technologies to let Michelle know we accepted this proposal.

Camping: Bill Simonar is working on the camping for the week of the state shoot. If you have any questions you can contact him. He is working on filling the west campgrounds and leaving spots for our vendors. Now is a good time to get your spot reserved for the shoot. Also if you are looking to use a golf cart, Bill will handle this also. The cart details are still being researched but you can reserve one. Bill said that he will be sending out one last notice to those campers who have not replied for their spots in the campgrounds those people will need to reply before May 1st or they will forfeit there spot. It will be then first come first serve for the campgrounds.

State Shoot: Dick Otto put a program together so that we will be able to track the winnings so if someone gets close to $600 dollars we will then be able to get a social security number at this time. The board liked this program so hopefully we will be able to use this instead of getting SS numbers from everyone. Dennis has ordered the trophies for the state shoot. The board also talked about squadding, how and when it can be done. We are hoping to change the wording so it will say you can squad only until the last squad starts to shoot. Dave will be taking extra pictures to update on the website and for the blog. He hopes to keep everything up to date during the state shoot. The nights will be decided soon when beer will be served at the state shoot. Glenn has been working on the beer service for the state shoot. The fish fry and the banquet will hopefully be held in the building if it gets finished on time.

Mike Pigusch: Mike is the one who updates the website for the WTA. He has made a few suggestion on changes he would like to see. He wants to update donations and other information but is waiting to get the information from the WTA. He also brought up the website address will need to be renewed. Mike talked about adding a calendar on the WTA website so all events at the Homegrounds will be shown.

Bruce: Bruce handed out raffle tickets to all the board members. 600 tickets will be sold. The drawing will be on July 20, 2014. This raffle will be two guns which were donated by Jack Morris and the NRA and a few cash prizes. Bruce has lined up Morey Farms to disc the shot fall area and Glenn Carlson will be planting some rye.

Dwight: Dwight brought up the fact that he can get more garbage barrels for free if we could use them. The board told him to get what ever he could get.

Glenn: Glenn brought up that they would need to look at the bids for the shelters down the trap line. They would need to make a decisions soon so they can get them done before the state shoot.

Pay Bills: Motioned by Gary. Seconded by Adam

Meeting Adjourned: It was motioned to adjourn the meeting by Gary and seconded by Dave. Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Next meeting: The next teleconference meeting will be on April 28, 2014.