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Minutes: March 1, 2014


Face to Face March 1, 2014 – Lake Sherwood Lodge

The meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:02 a.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors present were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, 1st Vice President SW: Dennis Taylor, Adam LePine, NW: Glenn Hamerly, 2nd Vice President,NE: Bill Simonar, Secretary Theresa Howland. Absent was ATA Delegate Rick Tesker, NE Zone Dave Wehmeier, Additional attending were: Ruth Taylor, Arlene and Dick Otto, Fred Kasten, Jeff Ebel, Fritz Thistle, and Glenn Carlson.

Secretary Position: The newsletter for the calendar was finished on time. I contacted the ATA and said we would again have the Hall of Fame purse available again this year. I received raffle tickets for EZ Go golf cart that will be raffled off at the Grand this year. The directors said to hold on to these tickets till the state shoot. We will sell them then.

Treasurer’s Report: Eric handed out an expense report. He reported that there was not to much going on right now. He is working on taxes and that is it. Bruce asked Eric for the copy of the electric bills so that we can get reimbursement from the tucking company who has there trucks plugged in at the Homegrounds.

ATA: Rick was not there for this but there was nothing new going on right now. Don talked about the ATA shoots are down this year. This could be because of clubs throwing register targets at league shoots. It was reported that Princeton and Saukville will be joining in and throwing registered targets this year. We would like to welcome them.

Zone shoot: Kevin said that he has received most of the applications and all seem to be following the basic rules that were set. He said he was just waiting on Beaver Dams information. We wish luck to all the shooters for the zones shoots.

Report from Dennis Taylor and Jeff Ebel of Ebel Consulting: Everything is going as planned they are working on checking accounts, and other things for the opening of the campsite. The website is coming along well. Dennis also handed out a printout of work that was done and what else needs to be done at the Homegrounds. This printout was divided up the assets by what was done what needs to be done and which group would be responsible for the cost of that job between the Homegrounds and the WTA. Dennis also reported that on June 7-8 there would be two events happening at the Homegrounds. There would be a SCTP shoot and also an Olympic qualification on the new bunker. It was said that each group will provide their own workers. Glenn was asked if he would contact Jean Osgood to see if she could look into getting some food vendors for these events. Dennis and Bruce had gone to Madison to a meeting regarding credit card use out at the Homegrounds. They are hoping that the company they met with would supply everything the Homegrounds would need to get started. They were very happy with what this company had to offer. Jeff said that things are moving ahead on the Corporation stand point of the Homegrounds. Once this comes through then things will start to move ahead fast. Dennis has been going to shows, and reports that he is seeing a lot of interest. Ruth has been helping at these shows also. We would like to thank her for the help. Dennis said that these booths at the shows have been good P.R. for the Homegrounds and that the Town of Rome has been helping with the booths. So a big Thank you to the Town of Rome for their support of the Homegrounds. He said there are three more shows they are preparing for in Wausau, Rockford and WACO. Dennis also gave brochures to the directors so that they can also hand them out. Dennis has been working on getting bits for the buildings at the Homegrounds. The deadline for these will be in May so the decisions can be made before spring so it can be started as soon as the frost is out of the ground. April 14, 2014 is when the traps will go in the bunker.

Don: Don brought in architectural drawings of the Shooting complex and Learning Center. He went over what changes were made and why. Also the difference in prices of a Stick building vs. and steel building. They also talked about the difference in sprinkler systems and price he has acquired for both buildings and what it will all be needed for the buildings. The directors looked over the plans crunching numbers on wants and needs. Also they looked over the plans for the storage building and office looking over wants and needs of this building. There will be a lot of decisions soon about what will be built and by whom. Hoping that the storage building will be started as soon as possible in spring.

Manager Position: It started with the job description and polices for the position. Just what will be expected of the manager. They discussed pay, contract, health care etc. After hearing both sides of the discussion there was a motion by Bill Simonar to hire Dennis Taylor for manager with $72,000 dollars a year, $250 dollars a month for insurance, plus necessary expenses and tools to do his job, pending a three year contract and Dennis will have to get his own health insurance, he will be paid every two weeks. This motion was seconded by Don Mittag. This motion went to vote with 7 Yea and 0 Nay. The motion was passed as of March 1, 2014 Dennis Taylor is to step down from the WTA Board of Directors. Dennis will be back payed from February 1, 2014 for services he has already done for the Homegrounds. There was a verbal agreement till a contract can drawn up. With the dedication Dennis will give, the Homegrounds will have a good running start. Adam was asked to recruit someone to replace Dennis on the board of Directors hopefully this position will be filled fast.

RV Board of Directors: Don brought up that we need more communication between the WTA Board of Directors and the Homegrounds Board of Directors. This way things will move smoother and both boards will have in put as to what needs to be done. The suggestion was that the RV Board of Directors send minutes of there meetings to the WTA Board of Directors. They might even want to come to some of the WTA board of director meetings so things can be discussed between boards. For now the RV Board of Directors will send the meeting minutes to the WTA Board of Directors so the communication is there. They are looking into adding some information on the WTA website from the Homegrounds Board of directors to keep everyone more informed of all activities.

Fritz Thistle: Jessica was looking into a ATA grant she needs to know who applied for this grant last year. John Atkielski was the one who did this. Dennis will contact John and send the information needed to Jessica so she will be able to get things ready for this year. He also asked the Board if they were interested in being involved in getting together and putting up a Wisconsin Tent at the Grand. He was hoping that we could put it up by the big parking lot, the get together would be on Thursday of the grand. Fritz was told if he wanted to look into prices and get back to the Board on this. The board said it would be worth doing again this year if possible.

Donations: We are still looking for donations for the Homegrounds. There are 10 trap fields yet and many other things that need to be done out at the Homegrounds that can be done with donations. Arlene asked if anyone was contacting the three year contributors. It was said that Eric was working on letters to be sent out as reminders. Dennis is looking into getting the plaques for the donations and also Hall of Fame members to be displayed in the new building. There will also be several spring work detail dates coming up so please keep these in mind and donate some time if possible.

State Shoot: Bruce brought up the idea about getting social security numbers from all shooters at classification during the state shoot. It was talked about with some pros and cons that were brought up by members through emails. There was questions that were brought up about what we could do about this because we are still looking for social security numbers from last year. Dick Otto thought he might be able to write a program to tag winners as the numbers add up we could get a report of those that we would need to get a SS# from that way we are only getting the numbers we need. Then those checks will be held till we receive those SS#’s from those shooters. A motion was made by Don and Glenn seconded the motion that we have Mueller Technologies cashiering do this without getting the SS#’s from all shooters at classification. IRS rules say we only need them if the winnings go over $600 dollars so that is when we will request the numbers before the checks are distributed to the shooter. The vote went through at 7 Yea and 0 Nay. It was also brought up that we should look into the contract from Mueller Technologies so that we can get a better grasp on what to expect as far as a price. Right now the contract is very veg as what it will cost and it is the boards intention to get a firmer price for the state shoot. A director will be contacting Mueller technologies to work on the contract and the situation of the SS#’s. They also talked about hopefully getting WIFI ready before the state shoot. If someone did not get their punch at a shoot the week before the state shoot that the clubs should notify classification at state shoot so it can be taken care of before they shoot.

Lunch Break – 12:30-1:15

State Shoot Program: Bruce is almost done with the President letter. The board of Directors is still looking for sponsors for the events of the state shoot. Dennis said that Lori Djumadi is helping look for sponsors and Dwight said he might have a sponsor. The program needs to be finalized by May 1, 2014 so that we will have enough time to print them. Trophies will also be changing this year. There will be 17 new trophies. This adjustment was made for shooters looking for All American Points. The trophies will be picked out on the 31st of March. Marketing is working on the advertising for the program. Lori is also working on advertising for the program. We would like to thank her for her help. If anyone is interested in advertising in the program please contact a board member before May.

Camping: Bill Simonar is working on the camping for the week of the state shoot. If you have any questions you can contact him. He is working on filling the west campgrounds leaving spots for our vendors. Now is a good time to get your spot reserved for the shoot. Also if you are looking to use a gulf cart Bill will handle this also. The cart details are still being researched but you can reserve one.

Training: Bruce brought up that the coach who is going to be in charge of the state line workers get invited to the next meeting so that we know there will be enough workers and that we can work out the details of the training of these workers. Adam was going to work on a training tape. It was also brought up that if we can get the kids together we could train them at the shoot on June 7-8. this will give them an idea of what it is all about in a real-life situation. Adam will be drawing up an agreement for the coaches so they will know how many kids a day along with the donation the coaches will receive for the school. It was discussed that we might ask the coach if he would have a few kids that might work the week for a salary for garbage, loading houses etc.

Meet and Greet: The meet and greet will be on Thursday at the state shoot, most likely it will be held in the pole building at Homegrounds. Bruce will be working on the food. Glenn will be working on the beer and wine trailer. He will also look into workers to sever and run the trailer. The fish fry will be on Friday at the state shoot also will most likely be held in the pole building at the Homegrounds. Dennis is looking for prices for tables and chairs for both events. The annal meeting will be held in the poll building also we will be looking into a PA system for that meeting.

Glenn: The NRA gave a sponsor gift of a plaque and hat it will be displayed in the new center when it is done. He also received four desk organizers form the NRA. These organizers will be used at the banquet.

Pay bills: motioned by Gary Seconded by Glenn

Meeting adjourned: It was motioned to adjourn the meeting by Bill and seconded by Gary. Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Next meeting: The next Face to Face will be on April 5, 2014 at the Lake Sherwood Lodge. With the need of a teleconference if something comes up.