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Minutes: January 25, 2014


Face to Face January 25, 2014 – Lake Sherwood Lodge

The meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:02 a.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors present were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Adam LePine, NW: Glenn Hamerly, NE: Bill Simonar was absent, Dave Wehmeier, Secretary Theresa Howland and ATA Delegate Rick Tesker. Additional attending were: Ruth Taylor, Arlene and Dick Otto, Brian Pierce, Michelle Mueller, Lauren Mueller, Kim Schmitt, Fred Kasten, Jeff Ebel, Fritz Thistle, John Atkielski and Jim Nigbor.

Secretary Position: Theresa reported that Glenn has received the insurance policy from Don-Rick Insurance. He has given it to me and it has been filed.

Treasurer Report: Eric handed out an expense report. He also reported he received membership renewals for Wis. FORCE NRA club membership and the NSPA. He inquired the board if they would like to renew these memberships. The board agreed autonomously that they would renew both memberships. Eric received a few checks for deposit and a few invoices to handle from Bruce. Don had a few calls about donations, people have given and have not received any letter back for the donation. He was asking Eric if he was sending out letters for the donations received. Eric replied that he is sending out letters and he had a few more that need to be sent out. So hopefully those who have donated will receive a letter soon. This also brought up another question of who is in charge for updating the web site as far as donations and up dating the thermometers on the web site. This has not been done for a long time. Eric is going to look into updating the web site. Eric will go through the list and send the updated list to Mike so he can update the web site. Arlene then brought it to the boards attention that it might be a good idea to send out reminder letters to those who have donated for three years. The board is looking into sending out these reminders.

Mueller Technologies: Rick introduced Michelle and Lori Mueller. Michelle will be running the technologies at the state shoot this year. She has a lot of experience in running big state shoots such as ours. She has been doing the Illinois state shoot for 13 years. Also ran score sheets at the Grand , ran the Kentucky zone shoot and the Indiana zone shoot. She is hoping to be able to run or shoot without to many changes. This meeting was about both sides asking questions so that our state shoot will be able to run smoothly with both sides knowing what to expect. The program that she will use is not any different than what we have been using just an upgrade. Michelle did inform the board that during classification if a shooter plans on playing options he or she would need to give a social security number. This will be different from last year. She also wondered if she would be hiring the cashiers and squading workers. The board made the decision that they would hire the workers for this years state shoot. She also asked questions about options so she would be able to have the her computers programed. The next thing she had questions on the AIM program is figured. Glenn was going to talk to Russ Slaby and give him Michelle’s card so they can work out those details. The last thing that was brought up was pre-squading and who would be responsible for that. It was determined that Eric and Rick will take care of the pre-squading on line. Dick Otto was at this meeting and he also would like the shoot to run smooth so he offered to help Michelle if needed. Thank you for your offer Dick. At the end it was asked how we will broadcast during the state shoot. Michelle is looking into a few things as well as the board to see what kind of system we could use out at the Homegrounds.

Dave: Dave reported on the Marketing committee. The committee is working on the web site, brochures, and specials for the campgrounds and shooting complex with other thing that are around the area. These things need to be done as soon as possible to start getting reservations for the campsites. He has been working with Matt who is very experienced at marketing. Matt works very close with House on The Rock marketing along with working well with the Wis Dells marketing. So his experience will be very helpful for the Homegrounds marketing. Dave reported that the website is up and running and is able to except reservations. They have a brochure ready but will be updated as everything progresses. Dave also working on getting the brochures printed. He has received a few interested parties to do this, he is currently working on estimates for this before the decision is made. Dave also reported that during the state shoot he will be providing live updates, end of day results, carry-overs and shoot-offs online.

Report from Jeff Ebel of Ebel Consulting: Jeff reported that all paper work of the Article of Corporation is going to be submitted. The corporation name will be Homegrounds RV Park Inc. He also reported the Board of Director for the Homegrounds met they picked their officers, hired the manager which is Dennis Taylor congratulation to him for his new position. There was a somewhat agreement for $72,000 a year for managing the home grounds with a three year contract. It is now up to the Board of Directors to discuss the managers responsibilities, duties, pay, compensations and make up a contract. They will also have to decide the split pay between the WTA and the Homegrounds. He reported there are many things that need to be done before the campsites are ready and open. We are hoping to get most of this done so the campgrounds are ready to open around May. This is crunch time we will have to push hard to get things done and ready. Jeff is going to send out a list of things that need to be done in the next two months so when we do open the Homegrounds it runs smoothly.

Jean Osgood: Jean reported she has lined up three food vendors for the state shoot. They will be Jim BBQ, Friends of the Library working with the local churches (who will also be serving breakfast) and the American Legion two posts will be sharing that spot. They will be spaced apart up and down the shooting lane. She had a few questions for the board. When can they be setting up? Any time. What hours should they be open? By 7A.M. they can adjust their hours, just post hours so shooters know. Would they need their own tents? Most likely we will have some tents but there will be room if they want to set up tents. The directors were able to answer all of her questions. We would like to thank Jean for her time and also Glenn who has been working closely with her to get this done.

Lunch Break – 12:00-12:30

Hall of Fame: John Atkielski and Jay Nigbor reported to the board that there was one nominee this year. The nominee was Bruce Stiteley. The board of directors voted for the Hall of Fame nominee. Bruce Stiteley and Dennis Taylor who nominated Bruce abstained from the vote. The rest of the board voted that Bruce would be in the Hall of Fame. Bruce asked if John and Jay feel things are being run. They said it is running well they have not received any bad comments. There was also one nominee that was voted in last year and will be inducted this year, this would be Don Mittag. Congratulations to you Bruce and Don.

State Shoot Program: The board went through the state program to work on changes they will need to do for this year program. There will be changes in the officers and directors listing Dennis Taylor as manager. They also talked about looking for volunteers to help with shoot-offs and other various jobs, so if interested contact one of the board members. They are also looking into changes in the trophies and how far they will go down for trophy winners. This might be changing for those who are looking for All American Points. This is being worked out and will be determined when the board investigates this. The board is also working on the payout system they are talking about deleting the rose point system and just going with percentages. Dick Otto suggested that we look at last years pay-offs and run different scenarios to see how it would change that much. He said he would run the scenarios for the board and send them out. Tickets for the practice traps will be sold at the cashier windows. Ladies trip is being worked on, not sure what will be in store for this yet. Would we still have the first 100 belt buckle, the board decided to keep it an annual award. They talked about how many sponsors that will need for the events. Thank you to John for all his hard work on the state program.

Brian Pierce: Brian reported to the board that he had speakers that he is rebuilding and was wondering if the board was interested in buying any for the Homegrounds. The board was going to look in to this and decide if and how many they might need. They also talked about control boxes. Brian said he would look into those also for the Homegrounds.

Board of Directors went into close session 1:30- 2:20

Homegrounds: Glenn as vice president, will be reporting from the board of directors of Homegrounds to the WTA board of directors. The board is hoping to get everything done sometime in May. Glenn, Bruce and Dennis are working on getting quotes for shelters on the shooting line.

State Shoot: Bruce is going to work on getting the tents. Don will be working on getting gulf carts. Bill will be in charge dealing with the renting of the golf carts. There was a lot of discussion of what needs to be ordered for the state shoot. More details we be worked out at other meetings.

Pay Bills: Motioned by Gary, seconded by Rick.

Meeting adjourned: It was motioned to adjourn the meeting by Gary and seconded by Rick. Meeting was adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Next meeting: Teleconference – 2/17/14 at 6:30. The next Face to Face will be on March 1, 2014 at the Lake Sherwood Lodge.