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Minutes: December 7, 2013


December 7,2013 – Heart of Wisconsin Gun Club

The meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:02 a.m. by President Bruce Stiteley.

Directors present were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Adam LePine, NW: Glenn Hamerly, NE: Bill Simonar, Dave Wehmeier, Secretary Theresa Howland, Treasurer Eric Tesker, ATA Delegate Rick Tesker. Additional attending were: Ruth Taylor, Arlene an Dick Otto, and Mike Pigusch.

Secretary Position: Arlene Otto as Secretary handed all secretary things over to Theresa Howland. Arlene gave last report and introduced Theresa to the delegates. She also informed the directors she received a letter from the ATA that four shooters did not pay their memberships three of the four would be the different clubs responsibility. Also the rebate would be 7,918 until they receive the membership dues then it would go to 7,998. It was suggested that so this would not happen next year renewed membership would be handled by classifying and then added at the end of the day. It was brought up by Arlene that Eric might look into a different teleconference service. Eric would look into it to be discussed at another meeting.

Treasurer Report: Eric handed out the balance sheet as of November 30, 2013. He also asked Bruce if he could get an itemized report for the loan from summit so he could record it. Bruce said he would get that for him.

Next meeting date: Teleconference – 12/16/13 at 6:30. Also teleconference on 12/23/13at 6:30, Bruce may cancel this meeting if we get everything handled on the 12/16 meeting. Face-to-face at Heart of Wisconsin Gun Club or Lake Sherwood Lodge January 25, 2014 place will be determined at teleconference.

ATA Delegates Report: Rick said not much to report. He said that Lynn Gibson was not able to come to the state shoot to give us the plaque for the new homegrounds so Rick presented to the board tonight. They talked about the one complaint by a member it was resolved by both participants received a written warning.

New Zone Lines: The directors kicked around ideas for changing zones lines, making less zones etc. The end result was that Dodge County would be annexed to the SE zone. This was motioned by Don and seconded by Rick; voted and passed. Don was going to get a list of shooters this would effect and send out letters to them of the change in zones.

All State Team: Rick reported he went through all applicants that he received. The applications were then looked at by Dwight and Kevin to verify the results. They were all in agreement Rick read off the all state team and it was accepted by all directors. Those chosen for the state team will be posted on the website.

Report from Jeff Ebel of Ebel Consulting: Jeff has been working on the homegrounds marketing for camping and reservations. He is suggesting that we from a marketing committee to get working on logo, Facebook, website, graphics for the homegrounds. Suggestions of getting a board of directors nominated as soon a possible so they can hire a manager. In hopes that we can keep everything moving forward. He would like to see the website up as soon as possible so reservations can be made for the camp site. Directors decided to get Board of Directors chosen by the 12/16/13 meeting. Then the board would be able to get started on interviewing manager applicants for the home grounds. Jeff has also been looking into prices for the campgrounds he has been talking to other campground owners and they suggested we go with set prices for on and off season then run discounts and specials as we go. Jeff will also be looking at online companies to use for camping reservations. This way things will be easier for the board of directors to get started on decision making. Jessica Fandrich, Richard Johnson, and Fred Kasten, in addition to the manager selected, were nominated as candidates for the Home Grounds RV Park, Inc.

Proposal to form Homegrounds Board of Directors: There are a few people the delegates are considering for this board. Fred Kasten, Jessica Fandrich, Rich Johnson, Bill Simonar and one other delegate. These will be determined at the teleconference on 12/16/13.

Dennis: Dennis reported the work on the homegrounds has stopped for winter. If we resume again in spring as soon as the weather will permit it. He is hoping the campgrounds are done around May. He is getting quotes on irrigation from the side walk to the trap houses. Also on the field maintenance.

Skid Steer Purchase: Bill reported he found a used Cat 259B 2011 skid steer with 1200 hours on it. The price of the skid steer would be 33,500. He said he looked into a new skid steer and they run between 50 to 65 thousand so he feels this machine would be a good buy for the homegrounds. It was motioned to buy the skid steer by Rick it was seconded by Dave. Voted and passed by all.

Lunch Break – 11:45- 12:25

Trapshooting Instruction: Adam reported he is working on up dates on the instructions. He has a friend that is willing to help him make a training video. He hopes to have it finished by mid May. It was then suggested that he meet with the high school coach in February or March so they can get started on the training before school lets out.

Activities: Activities were discussed for the new home grounds. On May 17 there will be a youth group that would like to use the home grounds for their shoot. Also there is a few more events in the works.

Cashiering for State Shoot: The directors discussed the different proposals for the cashiering for the sate shoot. After the discussion was over it was decided to go with the proposal from Mueller Technologies. A motion was made by Rick it was seconded by Glenn. A vote was taken and the Ayes took the vote. It was then suggested that we invite Mueller Technologies to come to our face-to-face meeting so they could get all the questions and get the ball rolling. This way it will be ready for the state shoot.

Around the Table

Bruce: He talked about property around the home grounds going into conservation easement. He reported that one 40 on the north will be listed that way. Also two 40’s on the south side would be listed as conservation easement. This means those 40’s will never be able to be developed. Other 40’s have not been decided yet. He also got a letter from the Town of Rome for a donation for the library expansion. He asked if the board would donate to this expansion. He suggested a donation of $100. All directors were in favor of the donation so he gave it to Eric so he could write a check.

Dennis: He reported he had nothing else to talk about.

Bill: Bill talked about a meeting he has coming up about hats and shirts for the home grounds. It was suggested to get prices and ideas for when the building gets done and they have a place to sell them.

Gary: Gary suggested the board meeting at the state shoot be moved to a different time so everyone would not be in such a rush and less directors would miss it. The suggestion was to hold in on Friday night or Sunday morning. All directors agreed to move the meeting to Sunday morning. The meeting will now be held on Sunday morning before shooting starts this will give the directors time and they will all be able to attend.

Don: Don suggested we up date our donation list on line. He also informed the directors that the Town of Rome is having a meeting on Thursday. He suggested some directors might want to go since the homegrounds is on their agenda. He also mentioned that he had some members ask why there was no Delegate report in the Trap and field. Don also reported he talked to Dan McDermott about Beaver Dam hosting the SE Zone shoot. He had not got a final approval from the directors but felt confident they would again host the shoot.

Glenn: Glenn reported that he talked to Jean Osgood about being in charge of food vendors for the state shoot. She has agreed to food vendors for the state shoot. It was suggested that we have no more than three vendors. Glenn was going to work on that with Jean. Glenn also brought a pistol donated by the NRA his suggestion was maybe it could be raffled off. The decision was not made, so it will be discussed at a later meeting.

Dave: Dave reported he still did not have a password for Facebook. He would like to get Facebook moving. He has a lot of ideas he would like to do online. He talked about maybe interviewing different shooters and posting it. He would also like to maybe do live up dates on shoot-offs at the state shoot. He also brought up the idea of starting up a Wisconsin night at the grand. He talked to Kohler and they are willing to have it in their building and supply food and beverages. This is going to be looked into.

Adam: Adam reported he has nothing else to bring up.

Mike: Mike talked about the online billing. The contract ends on January 6, 2015. He also reported that the internet address contract would be up on January 23, 2014. He wanted to know if it should be renewed. To renew it would cost $40.60 for 4 years. The delegates all agreed to renew the internet address.

Eric: Eric reported he nothing more to add.

Rick: Rick talked about going to look and order state pins. It was brought up as a suggestion that it might be nice to look into getting medallions for the state shoot. Rick suggested he would look into both when he goes.

Meeting adjourned: It was motioned to adjourn the meeting by Rick and seconded by Gary. Meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Theresa Howland, Secretary