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Minutes: October 16, 2013


October 16, 2013 – Heart of Wisconsin Gun Club

The meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:02 a.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors present were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Adam LePine, NW: Glenn Hamerly, NE: Bill Simonar, Dave Wehmeier, ATA Alt. Delegate: Kevin Doerring. Secretary Arlene Otto. Excused were: ATA Delegate Rick Tesker and Alt. Delegate, Dwight Paulin. Additional attending were: Ruth Taylor, Mick McGinley, Fred Kasten, Fritz Thistle and Mike Pigusch.

Secretary Position: Bruce announced Theresa Howland will be replacing Arlene Otto as Secretary officially on December 11. He said the Board appreciated the great way Theresa stepped in to take over the cashiering at the 2013 State Shoot when Arlene became incapacitated with a broken arm.

Minutes of the teleconference meeting on October 7th had no additional changes. It was agreed the Monday night teleconference meetings worked out OK with Board members.

Next meeting date: Teleconference – 11/11/2013. Face to Face at Heart of Wisconsin Gun Club December 7, 2013 to be followed by a Christmas Dinner for Board Members and their spouses.

Treasurer’s Report: Eric submitted a Financial balance sheet as of Sept. 30. It was suggested that the value of the shooter’s chairs and benches that had been donated be placed into the assets column. He stated that all loans and bills had been paid.

Delegates Report: Kevin said there was no news from the ATA. He said they had changed the ATA Website, that it is more like ours. Some shooters reported having difficulty in getting their average card printouts . Ashley (ATA) said they were working on it. Melinda had problems getting direct answers from them to correspond to the rule book.

1) Report from Jeff Ebel of Ebel Consulting: Jeff is consulting with Amy of our legal firm regarding the setting up of the RV Park. Currently, the Event Training-Shooting Center is under the WTA, Inc., as is the Home Grounds RV Park. He submitted a draft of potential By-Laws for the RV Park, which will be created pending legal formation of the RV Park entity. He has submitted a new set of projections for the WTA and RV Park to Greg Ehlers and to Jen Powers to make certain they follow standard accounting principles. They approved. Jeff has purchased a URL for the Website – www.homegroundsrvpark.com, and a 800# which will forward calls to any phone number we choose.

Jessica Fandrich, Jeff Ebel, Richard Johnson, and Fred Kasten, in addition to the manager selected, were nominated as candidates for the Home Grounds RV Park, Inc. Jeff Ebel rescinded his nomination in that he believed he would be more productive as a consultant. Don made a motion to accept the nomination of Jessica, Richard and Fred for the HGRV Park, Inc., Board of Directors. Bill seconded the motion, all were in favor. There would be an annual meeting of the Board in January and quarterly meetings thereafter.

Jeff, Bruce, Dennis, Eric and Amy will be meeting with Keith Kerr to determine the best legal path to take and report back to the Board.

Bruce suggested a WTA Membership. Suggested advantages to the members could be reduced fees, discounted camping fees, a banquet. Clubs could conduct WTA shoots (non-ATA registered), possibly 50 target events (jack-pot like) to help produce club funds, advertising of shoots. It would be a nonvoting membership, separate from the ATA. It would promote trapshooting, youth shooting, open shooting. Membership could be an annual $10.00 with life memberships available. A one time $10.00 discount on camping could be issued. Don said survey results proved shooters agreeable to a raise in daily fees. He suggested the idea be brought up before the general membership. Gary Fechter and Adam will consult with Ohio regarding it’s membership.

Nomination & Election of H.G. RV Park Directors: tabled to next meeting following report from Jeff Ebel on direction from Keith Kerr.

Dennis Reports: We will be receiving a check from the Wisc. Dept. of Tourism grant for $28,977.00. We are also receiving a check for $975.00 from Tilden Trophies from the sale of the inaugural belt buckles, this is in addition to the $500.00 for the number 1 of 100 belt buckles that was auctioned off.

Don, Dennis & Jammie (Team Engineering) met with Badger Environmental to review plans. He submitted to the Board members drafts of the outside and inside Event/Training Center building plans. Sewer and water for the East campgrounds will begin in 2 weeks. Van Ert will coordinate with Badger. Rich Weiler will begin putting in the shelter pads in 2 weeks. Russ Slaby is designing the shelters to be like Sparta, all steel. Bunker traps will be in the 2nd week in November. Stands are ready. Everything is portable for trap use during the State Shoot. It is hoped all will be ready for a rally in May.

Bill said camping was full last year and if all return, will be full again this year, we need the East End. Dennis said that Lurvey Landscaping offered us seed at cost for next year’s seeding. There will be an 11′ wide cart path, 4″ thick, 15′ off of sidewalk running in back of the shelters. There needs to be work days set for spring. Anti freeze needs to be put into sewer pipes this fall. A water pipe line to irrigate the grass will be investigated.

Rick phoned in, had nothing to report from the ATA.

Lunch Break – 12:30 – 1:15pm.

Committee Assignments:
Sarah will be asked by Bruce to be in charge of the Banquet. Bob Webber, Ken Cerney and Mark Wehmeier will be on the committee. Plans will be to hold it in the Event Training Center. In the event this would not be possible, it would be held at the Town Hall. Food will be catered. The Banquet chairperson will be responsible for the entire banquet.

All-State Team – Tesker/Doerring/Paulin (ATA Delegates)
Camping – Bill Simonar
Exhibitors/Vendors – Bill Simonar
Food Service – tabled
Hall of Fame – John Atkielski, Jay Nigbor, Bruce Stiteley
Homegrounds – Construction – WTA Board of Directors
Homegrounds – Promotion/Political – WTA Board of Directors
Line Personnel/Training – Glenn Hamerly, Bill Simonar, Adam LePine
Photos – Dave Wehmeier
Presquading – Arlene Otto
Public Relations – Don Mittag, Dave Wehmeier
Referees – All Directors
Scoreboard – Tabled to next meeting
Shoot-offs – John Atkielski/Rick Tesker
State Shoot Program – John Atkielski
State Shoot Program Advertising – possibly Lori Djumadi
Target Setting – Rick Tesker in charge, All Directors
Trap & Field Reports – Dave Wehmeier
Tournament Director – Tabled
Trophies – Dennis Taylor, Tom & Nora Bristol, John Atkielski
Trophy Counter – Gary Fechter, Dave Wehmeier, Tom & Nora Bristol
WTA Donations – Fred Kasten, Fritz Thistle, Jessica Fandrich
WTA Fundraising/Awards Banquet – Sarah Adams, Bob Webber, Ken Cerney, Mark Wehmeier
WTA Youth Program – G. DeSmidtt, Mr/Mrs. Reuben Stark, Bruce Stiteley
WTA Website – Mike Pigusch, Don Mittag
Zone Shoots – Kevin Doerring, Adam LePine
Aim Director – Russ Slaby

Ladies Outing – The Ladies Auxiliary suggested a Pontoon Ride, tours to Point Brewery, Casino.

PA System – Mike Pigusch has his sound system which will cover inside and outdoors.

Mentioned on the surveys was more frequent cleaning of the portable johns, and better placement of them. More and larger dumpsters available.

Don suggested at least 15 people be available at specific times for classifying.

A Photo CD for Trap & Field had been lost in transit resulting in no State Shoot photos in the magazine. Don sent them additional photos of the Home Grounds. More photos will be taken at the next shoot, including more winner/trophy pictures.

Bruce mentioned the WTA needs to keep their eyes/ears open for an old truck to use for water.

Camping – It was suggested we have a “Camp Chaperone” who could direct campers, answer questions, etc. It could be a non-board member. Other camping suggestions: more golf carts for rent – available through Bill only – available on Friday or Saturday prior to the shoot. Arrange for delivery of local newspaper. Garbage pick-up of bags set aside daily at a specific time.

Trapline help: Bill has a contract with Nekoosa School for 125 kids for 6 days with a bonus if no one needs to be discharged. Rules – no cell phone, no target centers punched out, no conflicts with shooters. They will be trained in the Spring. Adam is working on a video for training purposes. This will show the equipment, scoring, voice release on/off, duties between events, squads, how to mark lost targets, out of turn etc. Safety glasses/ ear plugs necessity.

Food Service – Glenn will speak to “Friends of the Library”. Dennis will speak to Lori Djumadi regarding food service and possibly committee the program advertising. Survey results stated additional food stands at both sections of the trapline and at the middle. Vendor spot for food would be $90.00 (includes electric) and $210 if camping.

Shoot-off Referees: More needed. Do not have to be board members. Shooters will be able to sign up for a particular night at a sign-up table. Six are needed each day.

Scoreboard: Dick Otto stated he would like to do it again. Other bids have been received. Tabled to next meeting.

Trap Setting – Surveys indicated good responses on targets. Rick will be in charge and decide on adjustments. Dennis will call Chuck Hilgendorf. No extra tools are needed, but we need an extra hydraulic valve.

Mick McGinley suggested a trophy to a Jr. or Sub Jr. to honor Leo Harrison. The Wisconsin 2013 State Shoot was the last state shoot at which he shot. Dennis will speak to Jim Beasley and then to Leo’s wife, Karla. Leo loved to help young shooters, and to help them do well. This was favorable to the board.

Zone Realignments: Realigning the NE/SE boundary was discussed. Don will speak to Dan McDermot at Beaver Dam Conservation Club regarding the 2014 SE Zone shoot.

Class Advances were discussed.

Kevin was asked if the Home Grounds would be placed in rotation for the ATA Central Zone Shoot. It will be placed at the bottom of the list. Sauk Prairie will have it 2014, Janesville 2015 and WTA 2016.

Gary said Cramer Coil had donated for 30 benches, Eric Tesker for 3. 60 are needed. They will build 27 more if we purchase the materials. The go-ahead was given for completion this year. Gary will build the next 30 gun racks.

If we are offered tents to borrow from Westfield again this year, we will use a few. Friends of the Library have also offered the use of one.

Fred Kasten asked if we were planning any additional registered shoots next year. This will be determined once a manager is hired. We do not want a conflict with any of our clubs.

Glenn reported the insurance becomes effective October 25th. He was told to cancel the other policies. He announced the NRA State Conference February 7-8-9 at Wausau – Dale’s Weston Lane. He asked if we could be a 2014 sponsor – $1250. He spoke of the pistol that was given to us by the NRA and a trophy box. Glenn also said that an order for 20 more Pat traps would have to be placed by 2/17/14 to get delivery by 5/1. He also said he took pictures of the canopies for scorer’s benches and appear to be easy to duplicate. Kevin said Tractor Supply carried them. Glenn will check them out.

Don said the scorer’s benches will be placed on wheels. Umbrella holders need to be addressed. Surveys indicated larger numbers need to be used on the back of scorer’s benches. Dave Wehmeier will address this.

Bill – his wife suggested the WTA hold a “Christmas for Kids” shoot with toys and proceeds going to a local charity to be held following the deer season. It could be a JackPot type – 50 target, 16 yd & handicap. Bill will also be speaking to Cabella’s on naming rights. Chad Blanke will be contacted regarding proper lighting.

Dennis – thanked Dick and Arlene for their work over the past years.

Gary made a motion to pay the bills, Kevin seconded the motion. All in favor.

Gary made a motion to adjourn, Dave seconded the motion. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned – 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Otto, Secretary