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Minutes: August 26, 2013


Teleconference Meeting August 26, 2013

The 8/26/2013 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:35 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Adam LePine, Dennis Taylor, NW: Glenn Hamerly, NE: Bill Simonar, Dave Wehmeier,, Alt. Delegates Kevin Doerring, and Secr./Treas. Arlene Otto. Delegate Rick Tesker and Alt. Delegate Dwight Paulin were excused.

A shooter made a proposal to the Board to conduct a “Wisconsin Friday-night Fish Fry” on Friday of the 2014 State Shoot. Friday night Fish Fry, being a Wisconsin tradition, would also be enjoyed by our many out-of-state shooters. We would serve yellow perch, choice of potato salad or fries, rye bread and cole slaw. Following positive discussion, Kevin made a motion to have a< “Wisconsin Friday-night Fish Fry” on Friday of the 2014 State Shoot and Don seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Thursday Night’s Meet & Greet: Directors and many of the All State Team members were either running shoot-offs, shooting, or distributing trophies, and could not attend. It was suggested to have it AFTER the shootoffs. Gary suggested tabling it for a year or two as we would not want to take an additional night of business away from the local establishments who have been so good to us.

State Shoot: There was a complaint that the kids loading targets in the morning had not been paid. The Treasurer has paid all those individuals that had hours and addresses given to her, as well as a group check to the Heart of Wisc. Gun Club for their workers. Bruce and Glenn will pursue this with the Heart of Wisc. Gun Club.

Loan: A loan of 1.8 million from Sumit Credit Union will be signed this weekend. The first year of the loan we will be paying the interest only – 4.5%. Dennis made a motion we sign the loan and Don seconded the motion. All were in favor. All loans from individuals will be paid with this loan.

Dennis will be meeting with Badger Env., Van Ert, Team & GEC to set priorities and to go ahead with plans. Seeding north of the sidewalk will be done this fall. Some of the items will be a slab for the building, (Brick & Mortar to be covered by the NRA grant), slabs for shelters , pole building for storage. Bill is getting prices on a multi-purpose utility machine with forks, bucket & broom. Don will approach his neighbor regard an 8′ brush hog. The Stiteley family has given the WTA use of a tractor that will be permanently left on the grounds.

Facebook & Twitter: Dave has not received passwords. Dennis will speak with Jessica and Elizabeth and get passwords to him.

Treasurer: Bruce will get a letter from our Attorney stating Eric Tesker, as WTA Treasurer, will not be responsible for anything transpiring prior to 9/1/13. He will also sign the agreement from Heart of Wisconsin Gun Club stating there will be no trap or skeet shooting on the Homegrounds on Wednesday evenings as that is their League night, and will mail it to John Wilke, President.

2014 Central Zone: Rick had asked Don if we were going to apply for the Central Zone shoot next year. The answer was no as Sauk Prairie is in rotation for it. Dennis will speak with Tim Thomson regarding it. Note: 33 of the trophies awarded at the 2013 Central Zone Shoot went to shooters at the Janesville Gun Club!

SCTP has been in contact regarding possible future shoot dates.

Rules & Regulations: Don discussed the fees received from League Shoots. It has been $3.00 per shooter with unlimited number of targets. Following discussion, Don made a motion that $3.00 per< person per 500 targets, or any portion there of, be charged beginning with the 2014 target year. Adam seconded the motion. It was decided not to change any other pricing. Melinda questioned the lead time for shoot applications. Dennis made a motion shoot applications must be postmarked no later than 2 days prior to a shoot date, or electronically submitted a minimum of 2 days prior to a shoot date, including league shoots. Don seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Zone Shoots: A separate mailing will be mailed to the clubs in rotation which will include the rules, with a reply of their intentions prior to December 15. John Atkielski will be asked to contact Waukesha Gun Club as they are next in rotation for the SE Zone. Changing of Zone boundaries was discussed and tabled to the next meeting.

NRA Convention: Glenn informed the Board of the “Friends of the NRA” fund raising banquet on October 10 to be held in Plover. Scott Taesch spoke very highly of the WTA Homegrounds at a recent banquet in Weston. As the NRA has supported the WTA with grants, Don made a motion to support them by donating $1250.00, a third level of sponsorship to be presented at the October Banquet. Bill seconded the motion and all were in favor. Motion passed.

Insurance: Insurance proposals will be reviewed at the next meeting.

2014 State Shoot Camping: Camping information will be posted on the Website blog. The fees will remain at $210.00 per week – Saturday through Sunday, $30.00 per day prior to Saturday, or after Sunday of the State Shoot. Camping reservations are to be made through Bill.

Adam received information from Charter Advertising. This will be passed on to Jessica at GEC.

Bruce and Dennis remarked how truly amazing it was to see so many people working and helping out in the days prior to the shoot. It was great!

The Secretary position has not yet been filled. Arlene will continue as Secretary until a replacement has been named.

Next teleconference meeting – September 16, 6:30 pm.

Next face-to-face WTA Board meeting at Heart of Wis. Gun Club on October 19.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Otto – Secr./Treasurer