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Minutes: June 24, 2013


Teleconference Meeting June 24, 2013

The 6/24/2013 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:38 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were SE: Don Mittag, SW: Ken Cerney, NW: Glenn Hamerly, Delegate Rick Tesker, Alt. Delegates Kevin Doerring and Dwight Paulin. and Secr./Treas. Arlene Otto. Bill Simonar and Dennis Taylor were excused. Gary Fechter and Gary Strasser absent.


Bruce: Contractors will be in tomorrow. Excavator will be in on Wednesday to clean up. Glen Carlson will follow with seeding. John Madsen and the Westfield Gun Club will be in on Sunday prior to the shoot to set up tents. Warning signs for the public of the shooting shot fall area will be placed on the perimeter of the property. Bill has procured lights.

Don: remarked on how great the scorers chairs turned out. He then suggested scheduling a water truck in the event of dusty days. It may be available from Dave Bean. Discussed was campers setting up in the campground areas if they have their own generators. (Approved) He also suggested we use the caps that Connie has purchased in the hat raffle. Ken will speak to Recobs and Bob Weber about that. He is able to purchase the handicap parking signs. Bruce has posts to mount them on and Rick has a post hole driver. The balance of sidewalk is to be poured this week. Ralph Gries asked Don if shooters would be allowed to put up shade canopies. It was decided it would be OK east and west of the vendor sights. There will be no blocking off or marking off in parking areas. Rick Goshgarian asked if we could put up on the blog that Recobs and Midwest are out of powder but that Darien has a supply. This was denied as we do not have, and do not intend to have a link for advertising or selling. He could put it on the other website. Previously the Humane Society of Adams County requested an information area. Questioned was whether they were anti-hunting. They said they were not. Don also stated he spoke with a rep from SIAI insurance. We are covered for liability through 9/01/13, including for camping as this year it is temporary camping. Once the campgrounds are officially opened, additional insurance will be necessary. Don said 4 questions had to be answered regarding league targets. 1) When do the< league shoots have to be applied for? 2) What is the rule for lead time for applying for regular shoot dates? 3) Does League Targets applications have the same lead time? 4) What about Boxhorn Gun Club applying now for targets shot over the past 10 weeks, and members having paid 10 weeks ago but paperwork not turned in? Rick is going to speak with the ATA and get back to everyone by email regarding the above. Don also reported all electrical boxes are placed in the trap houses by Ron Wahl, who made them, with the aid of Jim Kotecki.

Rick: read the card mailed to State Shoot campers. Discussion followed. It was decided to confirm where we will be with water, electric hookup, and sewer at the time of the shoot and inform each camper of the situation so they have a heads up. After getting that information, Bruce will contact Bill if it is necessary to send out a letter as prepared by Don/Melinda Mittag. 5 & 10 year leases will be extended one year as the official campgrounds will not be ready this year.

Ken: spoke with Jennifer Wolf of Arrowhead Golf Club regarding the banquet. She had no menu plans and will go over it with Ken this week. Eau Claire Gun Club is again donating $400.00 for the free beer. Gary Strasser reported to Ken that in-house artist Virgil Beck is 99% sure he will attend. Ken was told to order 125 books of 8 raffle tickets for a $500.00 Visa gift card. The ticket cost is $83.25 and the cost of the gift card is $503.50. Drawing will be at the Banquet on 7/20/13. Tickets will be ready for sale after July 12. He said a roller rack will be needed to unload targets. Heart of Wisc. Gun Club has one we can borrow.

Glen: received an email from Keith McDonald of the Disabled American Veterans who would like to hand out artificial forget me not flowers for donations. We already have the PVA at a site. It was decided it would not be a problem to have both. Glen will find out if the Weston Gun Club would donate a frozen meat box to raffle at the Banquet. He contacted Miller and Budweiser for umbrellas for the trapline. Miller has only 3 available and will look for more and check for pricing. They have the policy of buy1 get 1 free. He has not gotten a return call from Budweiser. Glen reported having 94 people from the Hockey Team ready to work the trapline. Wayne Vandenberg will be training some of them on Wednesday nights, also. Glen plans to have a line supervisor between 2 starting traps. (Sq 1 starts on 2 goes to 1, Sq 2 starts on 3 goes to 4 etc.). He received an insurance quote from NRA, but it is not complete and hasn’t gotten a return response from other insurance company. Nick Thanos will begin painting the trap houses, dark green when water is available. Mike Thomas and Steve Wolf will be assisting him. Glen will be purchasing 7″ safety cones. He has 800 pairs of ear plugs, and will check on safety glass supply.

Arlene: reported a check balance of $106,373.97. Larger checks were $685.96 for electrical supplies for electric boxes, and $3,332.69 for program printing. (Program postage paid earlier $712.89). Dick and Arlene will be at the Homegrounds 7/1-4 when Pods will arrive, and setting >in computer equip./ tables, etc.

Dwight: We are down to 22 traps to borrow as Forest Gun Club backed out of their offer. He brought in 13 smaller trash containers and will bring more as well as 20 more big barrels, for a total of 120 large ones.

Bruce: spoke to Diane at the Casino. They will provide limo service to the casino Thursday through Saturday at 12 noon & return at 4:30 pm. They would also be willing to provide an evening run. He will hear tomorrow on cassino packages they could offer. Bruce suggested we provide at the classification table a questionnaire asking for their input on their experience at this shoot. It was agreed to do this for the useful information it would provide for future shoots. He also said there would be a sign on Hwy 13 prior to the shoot. He will check with Connie an Dennis.

Next meeting: teleconference on July 8 at 6:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Otto, Sec/Treas.