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Minutes: June 17, 2013


Teleconference Meeting June 17, 2013

The 6/10/2013 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:40 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Ken Cerney, NW: Glenn Hamerly, Delegate Rick Tesker, Alt. Delegates Kevin Doerring and Dwight Paulin. and Secr./Treas. Arlene Otto. Bill Simonar, Gary Strasser absent.


Gary Fechter reported the gun rack composite materials are in the process of being cut and will be assembled the following week. He will check on the progress of the 33 benches being made. The materials have been delivered for the A-frame score boards.

Dennis reported most of the cable to the trap houses has been buried. Cables were brought in from Hwy 13 and will be hooked up next week. On Friday, Badger Septic Tanks will be brought in. Sewer and water lines in the vendor area are being placed this week. Fritz Thistle, Vic Whalen and Steve Raesbeck helped Dennis to recheck traphouses on Monday and began to set the steps that Glen Grabski and Pat Taylor constructed into some of the traphouses. Bill cut down the rust colored pine trees on Saturday and Sunday. Dwight Paulin and Don Chrapla brought in the first load of barrels. Van Ert has been busy laying electrical wire. Ron Wahl is making the electrical boxes for each trap which will be installed next week. Doors need to be attached to the trap houses. Nick Thanos will be contacted this week regarding painting the trap houses. K & M Sports of Hancock will loan us 1, possibly 2 electric Ranger carts. Bunker walk-ways will go in this week. Bill was able to rent outdoor lights bright enough for shootoffs. He will pick them up Monday of the Shoot. Lincoln Contractors will be contacted for lighting inside the tens.

The Range Protection Act has passed the Assembly. There will be a public signing in the Capitol. We will be informed on the date and time so that as many as possible can attend.

Glenn reported 12 retired people from the Town of Rome have been trained as scorers. A chess team of 25-30 people is interested in working and may be used as a backup. A Hockey Team is to be making a commitment next week. A Disabled Vets group is also interested in working at the shoot. There will be no “ready” calls. There will be 2 scoresheet runners. He will contact Budweiser and Miller regarding donating umbrellas. Safety cones will be purchased for on top of the traphouses. He will have 4 people for garbage collection and 2 people for water runs. Glenn has a meeting scheduled this week regarding insurance.

Don purchased 4 guns from Moes for the Banquet Hat Raffle and will be picking them up. He said the Heart of Wisc. Gun Club will be conducting a money shoot on Friday night of the State Shoot.

Rick asked if an update mailing to the campers has been done. They were mailed out.

Ken said Bill requested that all Directors wear their white shirts at the Opening Ceremony. He suggested one of the raffles be 10 envelopes to be auctioned off, 1 containing $100, the rest $1.00. He is going to check with his bank to purchase a $500.00 master gift card in lieu of a trip. He will get the tickets produced – $5.00 each, 3 for $10, or a book of 8 for $20.00. 100 books will be purchased, to be sold at the Meet & Greet and Banquet. He is going to call Arrowhead to see what time we can get in to set up the banquet, and if possible, on Friday. Arlene said Jay and Sarah have offered to help.

Bruce said Elizabeth (GEC) and Mike Pigusch are putting up our new, user friendly, website this week. He reported 2 more loans of $25,000.00 each are being extended to us by shooters. NOTE: All loans are to be paid back, therefore it is imperative we receive donations. This is a good time to donate! We received the $50,000 NRA grant for the design and development of the Event Center. Caps with our logo on them are being made up for sale at the Shoot. We will be charged $10.00 per cap, and they will sell for $15.00 each. John Madsen and the Westfield Gun Club are delivering and setting up 4 tents and 2 Pat traps. Our thanks to both.

Arlene reported a check balance of $110,895.63 after receiving a 2nd loan of $100,000.00. She informed the board of larger payments made this month for Attendance pins ($2,896.00), Prop. Taxes ($4,706.94) Schenk ($3,362.00). She also confirmed with the Board members that daily entries before 11:00am would be for that day only, opening it up for the week after 11:00 am.

WORK DAYS: Every weekend. Everyone welcome, bring rakes, hatchets, saws, tools.

Next meeting: Monday, June 24, 6:30pm – teleconference.