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Minutes: June 10, 2013


Teleconference Meeting June 10, 2013

The 6/10/2013 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:45 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Ken Cerney, NE: Bill Simonar, Gary Strasser, NW: Glenn Hamerly, Delegate Rick Tesker, Alt. Delegates Kevin Doerring and Dwight Paulin. and Secr./Treas. Arlene Otto. Eric Tesker also in attendance.

Bruce Stiteley and Dennis Taylor Reports:
All 30 trap houses are set in the ground and back filled. All trap pads are in. An awesome sight. Thanks to a large group of people working together as a team. Special thanks to John Reeb, Dudley Larson, Jim Grunewald, who brought in 3 of his men, who did a perfect job, Tom Jensen who brought a tractor and loader, Dan McDermott secured a crane and operator, Rich Johnson brought a BobCat. Another special thanks to Jim Edwards for the use of his helicopter for pictures of the grounds. Glen Grabski procured lumber at a cost to the WTA of $1200.00. He is building the steps for the traphouses and had already completed and installed 2. There were many more who did the grunt labor and are thanked as well.

Needed on trap houses: painting, doors on houses, landscaping. An interested person is going to quote on 2100 additional feet of sidewalks. Additional trees need to be cut at main entrance. Van Ert started with the electrical today. Excess sand needs to be excavated from vendor area. Well permits will be approved by June 14th, 1 well to be dug within 2 weeks. Water and electric pedestals will be done the following week. Badger Environmental will have running water in a couple of days following the well drilling. Eichstadt?????

The parking lot will hold approximately 115 campers with water and electric. Bill Simonar and Ruth Taylor will be leading the campers to their spots.

Dennis reported The Range Protection Act had passed and will go before the Assembly for vote on Wednesday. It will then go to Governor Walker for signing. It will be a ceremonial signing and it is hoped that many will be able to attend. The actual date will be published on our Web site.

The official ceremonial signing of DNR Bunker will take place on the 16th. Scot Gunderson hopes to be there for it. They will bring people to set up the Bunker Trap and train for it.

Ken Cerney is picking up the composite lumber and delivering it to Gary Fechter tomorrow to make the scoreboards. These will be done in 2 weeks.

The financials are going well, working with Summit Credit Union and Town of Rome.

Glenn has been training help last week and again next week. A Hockey Team is involved.

Insurance: Both Don and Glenn have been in contact with the SIAI for campground and shooting grounds insurance.

Rick didn’t have any news from the ATA. Height stakes will be placed on Saturday prior to the State Shoot. Radar guns (Rick’s, Ray Martin’s, & WTA) will be used as well as Angle Master donated by Brian Pierce, and loaned by Weston & Rapids. Targets will be Orange Dome. The marker stands are done. They will be delivered and placed on the 16 yd line concrete.

Bill said we will have a 20′ stainless steel flag pole. He suggested renting possibly 2 light poles. He is sending out postcards to all campers bringing them up to date. Fire extinguishers will be needed around the tents, computers. Ken is going to check out the state code requirements. Bill has also prepared informational postcards to mail to all campers.

Dwight reported a firm count of 24 trap machines to be borrowed, and assigned pick-up and delivery of them all.

Gary Strasser reported 3 Chapters of the Safari International will be donating a trapfield.

Kevin and Don reported many inquiries of the Zone Shoot results. These were to be sent to Mike Pigusch for the Web, and to Melinda Mittag as shoot reports. There was discussion on Zone Shoot Rules, programs, etc. This is tabled to an early fall meeting.

Director results in the 4 Zones: SW: Adam LePine, NE: Dave Wehmeier, NW: Glenn Hamerly and SE: Don Mittag.

Kevin inspected ________________ club interested in conducting registered shoots. An affidavit has been sent to the ATA. Kevin and Melinda have given him information on conducting the shoots. The ATA will provide “Registered Shoot Handbook” upon request. Brian Pierce has offered a supply of “Scorers Rule Books”.

Don Mittag suggested lights in the tents for evenings. Van Ert may have construction light strings available. The Adams County Humane Society asked if they could have a table for fund raising. It was agreed. The Adams County 4H will man a food stand, and they have built 29 picnic tables for the Homegrounds. (We thank them!). Greenway RV will have 1 large and 3 small campers on display taking 2 vendor sights. They are furnishing one to the WTA for use by trap repair person. Mike Pigusch is providing a PA speaker system

Connie’s State Shoot Report: The golf cart designated for Arlene will go to Ruth Taylor as camper< greeter. Meet & Greet: Arlene has received only $300.00 as donations for this event and has not received the donation of cash/beer from Steve Wolf. Daily announcements get better reception if a male voice.

Banquet ideas were discussed. Ken will contact Bob Webber regarding new raffles. Arlene needs an up to date list of all donations earmarked for the banquet so that it can be listed in the Banquet program.

Next meeting: Teleconference – Monday, June 17, 6:30pm

Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Otto – Sec./Treas.