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Minutes: May 13, 2013


Teleconference Meeting May 13, 2013

The 5/13/2013 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:40 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were SE: Don Mittag, SW: Ken Cerney, NW: Glenn Hamerly, NE: Bill Simonar, Gary Strasser, Alt. Delegates Kevin Doerring and Secr./Treas. Arlene Otto. Dwight Paulin joined later in the meeting. Excused were Dennis Taylor and Gary Fechter.

Bruce Stiteley Reports: Reviewed progress of discussions with our accountants and attorneys regarding our maintaining our 501(c)3 class and setting up of a C-Corp for the campgrounds. The C-Corp (campgrounds) would be a subsidiary of the WTA. It would be under the direction of two directors totally unrelated to the WTA.

Reviewed Financing. Three of the 5 Financial Institutions have declined our loan applications:
Bancroft State Bank – total amount was too large for their small bank.
Wood Trust – Work with established businesses, not new ones.
River Cities – Too much risk. Wanted the campgrounds to include a water park, etc.
US Bank and Summit Credit Union are continuing consideration.

Tom Grimm, our accountant at Schenk Accounting, is checking with Chase Bank at Stevens Point on 5/14. Don Mittag, Jeff Ebel and Jessica Fandrich are meeting with the Town of Rome also on 5/14 to discuss a land trust the township has available for small businesses. Upon the acceptance of a loan, the sewer/water would be installed within 3 weeks. Electric would be installed in the following 2 weeks.

A very generous donor, wishing to remain anonymous, is loaning the money for the traphouses. These will be picked up and delivered the first week of June by Dudley Larson.

In discussion, the Board decided that a “go/no go” date of May 24 would have to be set by when a loan would be granted or decisions on the 2013 State Shoot would have to be made.

The following possible options were discussed if a loan would not be in place:
1) Conduct a telephonic shoot
2) Out of State – Iowa
3) No shoot in 2013
4) Waukesha – Too late, lack of trapline help, permanent 5-stands in place
5) Homegrounds – is still a possibility

The directors will contact Janesville, Sauk, Heart of Wisc., Eau Claire, Brown County, Fox Valley and Beaver Dam clubs to see if they would be interested in conducting a telephonic state shoot, with their responses by May 24th. The shoot would be: Friday – 100 16 yd. Class Champ, 100 Handicap, 100 Doubles Class Champ., Saturday – 200 16 yd Championship, Sunday – 100 Handicap Championship, Doubles Championship. Entry fees would be $31.00 with the club retaining $28.00, $3.00 per entry to the WTA to cover trophy expenses. ATA & WTA Daily fees would also be collected at the club. The annual meeting would be on Saturday at 8:00 via video hookup. Friday’s Shootoffs for handicap would be Friday night, 16 and doubles would be carried over. Singles Championship shootoffs would be Saturday night.

The Board agreed Don would post an abbreviation of the above on our website, asking the members to respond to their zone directors by email or phone, their choice of the above options no later than May 24.

Next meeting: Teleconference May 28 6:30pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Arlene Otto