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Minutes: April 15, 2013


Teleconference Meeting April 15, 2013

The 4/15/13 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:38 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley.

Directors on line were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Ken Cerney, NW: Glenn Hamerly, NE: Bill Simonar, Delegate Rick Tesker, Alt. Delegates Kevin Doerring, Dwight Paulin and Secr./Treas. Arlene Otto. NE: Gary Strasser was excused.


Dennis Taylor: A State Bill, LRB-1792/1 has been authored regarding operation of existing sport shooting ranges. It is imperative we get more co-sponsors prior to Friday, 4/19. He requested we all contact our State Senate and Assembly people requesting their co-sponsorship backing. This bill is not part of the budget and should be done within 1-1/2 to 2 months. There will be a hearing at which we will be able to testify. On Thursday, Dennis will be meeting with Jessica (GEC), along with Fred Kasten and Fritz Thistle to finalize the grand opening invitations. Jeff & Jessica will be working on software for camp grounds. Friday at 10:00am will be the bid opening for the sewer and water. Glenn plans on being there, also.

Glenn Hammerly: spoke with Terry Michels who is a campground owner in Wisconsin Dells regarding the company he uses for campground insurance. He will be in contact with Coverra and Secura. Glenn has been meeting with a cheerleader/dance group from the school, and also a church group with regards to trapline help. He may be working with an additional group. He received approval to use the Heart of Wisc. Gun Club for training the trapline help. No further word on Pat traps.

Dwight Paulin: Barrels are in his wagon, stuck in the snow/mud. As soon as weather permits, he will remove them >and cut off tops. He will confirm the loan of a Pat Trap from the Dotyville gun club this week.

Kevin Doerring: Received the Gateway flier and sent it out to the Website as received.

Bill Simonar: There are 4 vendor spots and 4 camping spots open. Vendor with full hookups is $210.00 and without is $90.00 for the week.

Ken Cerney: Communicated with Bob Webber regarding the commemorative belt buckle. They will push selling tickets on the club grounds, and at the Greet & Meet and during the banquet.

Manager – applications were due back by midnight today (4/15). 6 were mailed out, three returned. Copies were emailed to Jeff Ebel and to Don Mittag and Rick Tesker. They will be reviewed by the committee.

Arlene Otto: no report

Rick Tesker: ATA All-Americans, at the South Western Grand shoot in San Antonio, showed interest in our State Shoot. He asked Dennis if the ATA trophies are taken care of, and they are.

Gary Fechter: Asked if the first 100 straight buckle is designated as open or In-State. Dennis responded that it was Tilden’s choice to be open. It was suggested a second buckle be available for In-State if the first was won by Out of State. Dennis will check.

Glenn Hamerly: Asked Arlene to get a price for the tables needed for the office at the State Shoot so he can pass it on to Weston Gun Club. We will not be pursuing an ATM machine for on the grounds. US Bank has increased the capacity of the one on the corner about a mile away, and Pritzel’s also has one.

Ken Cerney: asked if the manager would be provided with a cell phone. The answer was affirmative.

Bruce Stiteley: Jeff Ebel has been in contact with him nearly daily. He has been working with Jen Powers (accountant), and Dan Rupar, our attorney at Rudar Ware, to maintain the legality of the 501c3. He has been in contact with the 4 banks regarding a loan. We should get loan confirmation by the end of this week. He also contacted CAPS Services.

Kevin Doerring: The current issue of Trapshooting USA has the SE & SW zone shoots listed on the same weekend. It was determined it would be too late to make a correction in the next issue.

Next Teleconference meeting set for Monday, April 22 at 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Otto, Sec/Treas.