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Minutes: April 6, 2013


April 6, 2013 – Heart of Wisconsin Gun Club

The meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:08 a.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors present were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Ken Cerney, NW: Glenn Hamerly, NE: Bill Simonar, ATA Alt. Delegates: Dwight Paulin, Kevin Doerring . Gary Strasser was present for a portion of the meeting via speaker phone. Secr./Treas.: Arlene Otto. Excused were: Rick Tesker.

1) Report from Jeff Ebel of Ebel Consulting. Per the contract of our last meeting, Jeff reported on setting up a system to share project information to the Board on progress with the schedules set by the business plan. The plan, Version D, #4 along with support documents will be available on this system and will be given to the new manager when hired.

a. Governance – An operating committee consisting of Dennis, Richard Johnson (Osceola) and Jeff Ebel will be in charge of the project and will report to the Board.

b. Legal form of entity – Jeff and Bruce will be in contact with our attorney and accountant next week to set up the proper legal form of the entity. Legal advice is needed as to setting up the RV park as a separate LLC and whether the Shooting Sport/Event Center would also be an LLC, separate from the RV park. The Shooting Sport/Event Center needs to have its own business plan. Consideration must be given so that our 501c3 rating will be maintained. This operating plan should be in place by April 20.

c. Marketing – Our logo is being developed. This will be used as a marketing tool. A separate website is being developed by Mike Pigush, and Jessica and Elizabeth from GEC, which will have links for information, reserving campsites, possibly presquad for State Shoot. Use of FaceBook was discussed.

d. Manager – A committee consisting of Ken Cerney, Don Mittag, Rick Tesker was established at a previous meeting to select a manager. Don Mittag will be unavailable for interviews. Jeff Ebel will take his place. Applications were mailed out on 4/1 to 6 applicants. Completed applications must be returned by 4/15. The committee will review the applications and set up interviews. Initial interviews may be by e-mail, followed by face to face. Final 3 will be selected and presented to the Board with recommendations by 5/4/13.

2) Homegrounds RV Park/Training Center Financing. Bruce and Jeff presented the business plan to 4 banks for a business loan. Several of the banks needed further information, which was provided. Bruce and Jeff are waiting for a response from the banks within the next several weeks. A loan of 1.8 million is being requested. 1.2 million has already been put into the project. Some grants request a basic design of the event center building. It will be 80′ x 146′ exterior with windows facing the trapfields. Plans for the interior are not needed at this time.

3) Project Schedule. Approval by the DSP was received on 3/29/13. Sewer/water bids went out on 3/31. Bids are due back by 4/18/13 and will be opened on 4/19 in Loganville. Dennis will be meeting with Jessica and Jason of GEC in Portage to review invitations to the grand opening and camp bathrooms. Electric pedestals are being built. Trap houses and traps are ready for shipment.

4) Around the Table.

Don. After he finds out just what coverage is needed, Don will put our insurance requirements on the blog so that anyone interested in providing insurance can contact him. He will be discussing this with West Bend and Secura. The logo is nearly finished and will be trademarked.

Gary Strasser submitted a copy of the Trap & Field Ad. Some adjustments were made. Gary reported that he will again run for director of the NE Zone. Don will run for the SE Zone, Glen will in the NW Zone, but Ken will be unable to run in the SW Zone. We are hoping others will step forward to run in their zones.

Glenn reported on speaking with representatives at the WACO convention on insurance. He will speak further with Secura and Coverra regarding coverage. Glen Grabski notified the board a 20′ flag pole has been donated. Connie has a state flag. Dennis is going to get information on having a WTA flag with the new logo made. Glenn said the trap stands are here and locked up in his trailer.

Gary Fechter asked about the grants that are being applied for. Jessica is applying for many of them. He is procuring materials for gun racks. Ken will assist in getting the materials. Sean Mackin has 33 benches made, and will possibly have more. It was decided to make 5 sandwich-type boards for use as score boards and information materials.

Bill spoke of complaints received from shooters regarding no NE Zone shoot program in the Spring Calendar. The 4 Zone Shoot Programs will be put up on the website. Mike will get together with Carol Keeley to discuss placing the calendar on the website to conserve expenses. He also said he has 5 vendor camping spots left.

Dwight brought a sample plastic barrel with the top cut off to be used for waste containers. It was suggested to put handles on them. He may have 100 of them. He also reported that he has a commitment for 14 Pat Traps to be loaned to us for the State Shoot: 1 each from Forest, Cassville, Saukville, West Shore and the Rapids, 2 from Fox Valley, 3 from Weston and 4 from Sauk Prairie.

Ken submitted a sample form of a permit to be placed on golf cars, and a waiver that would need to be signed. There is a RV user waiver that would cover everything.

Arlene had distributed the month ending financial papers. She described the tables she would need for cashiering purposes at the shoot. Glenn will speak to Weston Gun Club about the possibility of donating them.

Bruce spoke with Don Lemke of Plum Creek. The State had approached them regarding conservation easements. They would pay property owners for the eased land, to keep it in protection from any buildings. He will find out more about it.

5) ATA Delegate Report – None

Lunch 12-12:45

6) State Shoot Report

a) John Atkielski told Bruce the State Shoot Program was ready to go to the printers. It will be up on the Website before May 1 as Presquadding begins on that date.

b) Connie reported on Food Vendors. She sent info to 4 vendors, and received 2 responses, Jim’s Bar B Que and Pritzel’s. Following discussion, it was decided Connie should select the vendor and make the necessary arrangements. The vendor would pay the $90.00 vendor space fee. It will be located in the main tent area. Youth groups under adult supervision, will have other stands along the trap line where beverages, ice cream and possibly hamburgers/hotdogs will be available for purchase . She was also contacted about having a farmer’s market set up on the East end instead of in town. She will get more information on that. Gateway RV contacted Connie to have an RV there as a repair service. A total of 4 RV companies requested space to park RVs for sales. They would have to pay $90 for the vendor spot or a total of $210. for hook-up service. Connie said the shoot program will go to the printers on 5/1, and in the mail by 5/16. Ads can be accepted until 4/20/13. We have an ad with the Adams County Chamber of Commerce, we should also be in the Wisconsin Rapids Chamber of Commerce. She has been speaking with Element Mobil to get cell, internet and phone service. Trap Repair was discussed. Charlie Hilgendorf has volunteered to be the trap repair person. Further discussion to take place. Connie further reported she had been invited to the Town Board meeting where the “Rally to Rome” Harley ride was approved. The Harley 110th celebration is primarily in Rome, Italy, but will coincide with a ride from Dyracuse Motorcycle/RV park ending at the Harley headquarters beginning on the Tuesday before Labor Day. Riders will be looking for camping, food and beverage at our RV Grounds. Discussed was the possibility of an exhibition shooter, gun show, 5-Stand. All benefits go to the Burned Kids program. Connie will get more information and report back at a later meeting.

c) Dick Otto reported on a new version of the 3S program which is currently being tested. The 2013 shoot is ready to run according to the shoot program. Mike Pigusch is working with Dick to have state shoot scores posted on the website.

d) Glenn is looking for an additional group to work the trapline, possibly a church group. Al Miller, Theresa Howland will be cashiers, and possibly Sarah Willburn, all from the local area.

7) WTA Banquet Arlene reported 18 tickets having been sold. Gateway Lodge has donated 2 nights lodging, Mead Hotel, 2 nights lodging, Matt Schneider – 1 night House on the Rock lodging and tour plus various additional items. Gary Fechter, Don and Glenn each are donating prints. It was suggested we get guns from a local source for our raffles. The dealer would have to be present on Saturday or Sunday to do the paper work. Ken Cerney will be in contact with Bob Webber.

8) 2013 Zone Shoots – all zone shoots are set.

Bruce had been contacted by a shooter regarding the minutes of the March 25 WTA Board Meeting. Following discussion, Ken made a motion to edit the last minutes per discussion, Dennis seconded the motion, all were in approval.

John Wilke presented an initial form of agreement between the Heart of Wisconsin Sportsmen’s Club and the WTA stating that the WTA would not conduct night league shooting at its facility for American Trap or Skeet, unless approved by the Heart of Wisconsin Sportsmen’s Club. The form will be adjusted to include “Wednesday night”. It was approved and will be signed by both entities.

Meet & Greet: Connie had several more donations toward a pig roast at the Meet & Greet. Following discussion, Glenn made a motion to let Connie “run with it” providing the Board would not be involved in any way with preparing or serving the food and beverages, and would be paid for by donations. Bill seconded the motion. Motion carried. 50/50 raffles will be available following the All-State Team and High Awards presentations.

Next meeting: Teleconference meeting Monday April 15th at 6:30pm.

Gary Fechter made a motion to pay the bills, Kevin seconded, all in favor.

Ken made a motion to adjourn, Dwight seconded the motion, all in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Otto, Sec./Treas.