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Minutes: March 25, 2013


Teleconference Meeting March 25, 2013


The 3/25/13 teleconference meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors on line were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Ken Cerney, NW: Glenn Hamerly, Alt. Delegates Kevin Doerring, Dwight Paulin and Secr./Treas. Arlene Otto. NE: Bill Simonar and Gary Strasser were excused as well as Delegate Rick Tesker.


Glenn Hammerly: From the NRA – the National NRA officially approved the $50,000.00 grant to the WTA for the educational facility. The grant of $25,000.00 to the DNR earmarked for the WTA Bunker field was received by Scott Taetsch, Sr. Field Rep of the NRA to be turned over to the WTA. The P/R matching funds of 3-1, that will be turned into $100,000.00. The NRA total to the State of Wisconsin for various projects is $89,700.00, included is the above $25,000.00. Glenn will be training the college kids beginning next week, and enlisting workers from a local church.

Dwight Paulin: Will be working on cutting off the tops of barrels and making them smooth. Regarding borrowed Pat Traps, the following have committed for our use: Forest Gun Club – 1, Fox Valley – 2, Saukville -1. There is a possibility of getting additional ones from Dotyville. Glen is waiting for approval from the Manawa Gun Club to borrow another one.

Gary Fechter: Regarding the Meet & Greet – the number attending is much higher than the 156 predicted by Connie – could reach 500. Being the first year, not knowing how many would attend, how tickets would be issued, what directors would be free to help work it, he felt a pig roast just would not work. Felt we should just go with free beer and soda. If the three people who already donated money towards a pig roast would want their money returned instead of donating towards snack food and soda, we should return it to them. This will be discussed further at the next meeting – April 6. Regarding gun racks, he is pricing plastic wood. Ken Cerney will also get prices. 2×4, quarter board, 2×6 and 2×10 is needed in 4′ to 4-1/2′ lengths. Trap stands for the Pat Traps will be ready for pickup on April 5th. A check to Norland for $5,179.69 will be sent to Glen for the stands at time of pickup.

Ken Cerney: Working on questionnaire to be given to interested applicants for manager’s position. From the questions received from the directors, he realizes the skills needed would be more managerial and promotional than mechanical, although the position does require someone to be mechanically inclined. Ken said that following Mike Pigush’s return on Thursday, they will be working with Jessica and Elizabeth on website design.

Arlene: Checking account balance is $18,498.96, this includes a $2500.00 Homegrounds donation received today from the Downs Family for a shelter, and $375.00 for a gun rack from Steve & Matt Schneider. Matt also donated a Tour & 1 night lodging at The House on the Rock Inn, to be used at the Banquet. Pre-cashiering had been suggested by Don Mittag. Dick and Arlene, along with suggestions from George Cook of 3S Software, said that it could be done for anyone who had presquadded. Processes were discussed. It was decided that being this late, we would postpone this as a new option for the 2014 shoot. Dick had suggested to the directors in an e-mail that presquad positions NOT cashiered prior to the beginning of an event be opened up to anyone squadding in line so that there would not be empty positions on a squad. After discussion, Dennis said that we have make the people happy so we will not cancel out any presquadded positions. Arlene said that to clarify, positions would be left closed if any shooter showed up late for the squad, or did not show up at all, and the squads would have empty positions on them. Dennis said yes, there will be no cutting off of presquadded positions. Another suggestion was to have a table with computer outside the cashiering pod to take only those shooters in the first 28 squads, to help get the shooters out to the line in time.

Dennis: Bruce, Glenn, Jeff Ebel, Jessica, Dennis & Ruth attended the WACO (Wisc. Assoc. Of Campground Owners) Convention in Stevens Point last week. Dennis reported it being a very informative and worthwhile event. There were 192 vendor booths. They spoke in depth with 2 insurance carriers (West Bend Mutual and Secura) about coverage for the campgrounds. Next week in Madison, Dennis and Jessica will give a presentation and personal invitations to our Grand Opening to the full sitting Board and Media, then to the Governor, and Lt. Governor. He is working with GEC on bathroom design and dosing/leaching system. Jessica is working on many tourism grants. Dennis asked that if anyone knows of any grants available to get the word to him and he will get it to Jessica. She sent in a grant for defibrillators and should know the results of that in two weeks. When we get them, Board members would have to take a course in how to use them.

Dennis also reported that trophies have been selected. He provided copies of the Hall of Fame pins to be produced by Tilden – which are nearly identical to those we had ordered in the past.

Don: Copies of the logo designed by his nephew were emailed to the Board members for review. Colors and minor adjustments will be made. He downloaded a generic type employment application which he is adjusting to our needs. Don reported Mike Pigush has added an obituary link to the website.

John Madsen had contacted Bruce with the offer of free rental of tents from Harrisville Gun Club. They would put them up and take down. One is 30 x 80, another 30 x 60 in addition to some smaller ones. This generous offer was accepted. The smaller ones would be used as shelters on the line. Don said that he would not be available during the manager interview period and suggested the committee – Ken Cerney, Rick Tesker – be joined by Jeff Ebel to conduct the interviews.

Bruce: Jeff Ebel made small changes to the Business Plan. Bruce and Jeff will take it to several financial institutions this week. Another bank contacted Bruce with interest in supplying a loan. Jeff has done an excellent job on the business plan, and he and Jessica make an excellent team in promoting and furthering our Homegrounds. The Business Plan was completed at the proposed cost of $3100.00. Jeff offered to continue to work on the project as needed on an hourly basis of $95.00 per hour. He would keep records of hours and submit on weekly basis so that we could see how much is being spent. Don made a motion to hire Jeff to complete the project, reporting continuous hours worked at $95.00/hour. Glenn seconded the motion. Unanimous approval of motion. Prior to submitting a proposal along with the business plan to the interested private investor, it was determined he had already been informed of the details by an unknown person. It will still be presented to him, and at the same time, to several lending institutions this week.

Bruce directed Arlene to pay a previous invoice from Point of Beginning.

Bruce asked that the Board members up for re-election (Strasser, Mittag, Hammerly, Cerney) notify him or the Board ASAP if they do not intend to run again, in fairness to their zone. That permits shooters in the zone to begin to look for replacements. Ken Cerney, SW zone, already said he would be unable to run for another term.

All-State Team trophies – Dennis has been in contact with Kolar and is being taken care of.

Meet & Greet will be included on the next meeting agenda.

Next meeting – Saturday, April 6 at Heart of Wisconsin Gun Club, 9:00 am

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Arlene Otto, Sec/Treas.