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Minutes: February 16, 2013


February 16, 2013

The meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:18 a.m. by President Bruce Stiteley.

Directors present were SE: Don Mittag, Gary Fechter, SW: Dennis Taylor, Ken Cerney, NE: Gary Strasser, NW: Glenn Hamerly, ATA Alt. Delegate: Dwight Paulin, Secr./Treas.: Arlene Otto. Among others present: Eric Tesker, Connie Riemer, Fred Kasten, Fritz Thistle, Dick Otto. Excused were: Rick Tesker, Ken Cerney, Bill Simonar, and Kevin Doerring. Rick and Bill were available via conference call.

1) Business Plan Presentation by Jeff Ebel of Ebel Consulting. Jeff reviewed the Business Plan he had prepared for the WTA in detail. He suggested the first step to be organizing an oversight committee under the guidance of the WTA Board to possibly include 3 people. They should have strong skills in Marketing, Accounting and Managerial, either from the Board, or outside of the Board. A person is to be hired to manage the campgrounds, and the shooting, or possibly one for each venue; this person reporting to the Oversight Committee, a third tier would be grounds keepers and sales assistant. Job descriptions are to be developed setting parameters of job functions. A name for the home grounds needs to be a priority. The next WTA Board Meeting will be centered on fulfilling these requirements.

Comments: Fred Kasten observed that the plan was principally on the camping segment of the Homegrounds. The reason is that the Campgrounds will be the principal source of income. Mr. Ebel suggested the campgrounds be organized as a separate entity, built by the WTA but Campgrounds paying rent back to the WTA, approximately 30% of camping income. Glenn Hamerly suggested an estimated 3 year business plan be established providing statistics showing the Homegrounds (separate of the campgrounds) able to sustain itself. The rent income from the campgrounds would pay for improvements and loan repayments. This could be in the form of an addendum to the Business plan.

Suggestions included additional shoots such as 2014 Central Zone Shoot, a 5-Man Team Shoot, an Annie Oakly Championship, and other shooting events. Connie suggested less layers of committees as being more efficient, and marketing, promotion should be done at gun/sport shows and various related conventions. Bruce advised increased use of the Chamber of Commerce, local businesses. TV, radio, banners, posters, signage should be utilized to get the word of our Home Grounds out to the public.

2) Secretary & Treasurer Report. Arlene provided the Balance Sheet for month ending January 31, 2013, the bank balances as of 2/15/13. She reported on a meeting with our accountant, Jen Powers of Schenck SC. on 2/15/13. She made accounting adjustments in Quick Books that had not been made per her direction in 2011. Jen reviewed with Dick Otto the changes he had made in Quick Books to bring 2012 deposits and expenses into proper accounts . She received bank statements and 2012 interest tax payments, 2012 monthly bank statements and reconciliations to prepare our taxes, and year end compilation.

3) Full Audit. Eric Tesker had expressed interest in becoming the next WTA Treasurer providing a full audit would be completed prior to his accepting the position. Jen said it would cost approximately $10,000. The cost of a review would be approximately $5,000., or segments of an audit could be done at a cost between the two depending on what portions would be done. She stated that in her opinion, it was not necessary for any audit to be done. Asked if a letter from our lawyer stating that the next Treasurer would not be responsible for any actions prior to taking office would be a possible action to take rather than an audit, Jen agreed. Following this discussion, Eric agreed to become the next WTA Treasurer, beginning Sept. 1, 2013 contingent on the WTA Board providing a legal statement per the above. Rick (on conference call) asked to have the “no audit” explained again, and asked if all was in order, all checks matching invoices, etc. He was assured that it was. Dennis made a motion to not have an audit performed and instead direct the WTA Lawyer to compose a letter stating that the next Treasurer not be responsible for any actions taken prior to September 1, 2013. Glenn seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Bill Simonar Report on State Shoot Camping on conference call. Bill reported that all 104 camp sites were reserved. Several have not been paid for and they will be released, if not paid, to the next on waiting list. If necessary, the directors with already paid camping spaces will be moved to the vendor row. Presently, eight of the twenty five vendor spaces have been reserved. Primitive camping will be available at $50.00 for 7 days of the shoot.

4) ATA Delegates Report. Gary Fechter speaking for Rick said there was nothing new to report.

5) Financials. Bruce thanked Glenn Hamerly for attending the NRA State Convention. On Friday night of the convention, Glenn was notified that the WTA grant was approved for $50,000.00, the largest ever given by the Friends of the NRA, to be used for the training center. The check will be issued in June. Jessica, the grant writer for the WTA, is checking with the State on the possibility of receiving a 3 to 1 matching grant from the Pittman/Robinson Funds. This fund has been compromised by the Obama administration, which is against the law. A state audit is being called for, and it was suggested the WTA also ask their state representatives to call for an audit. The WTA has received a check for $7,000.00 from Plum Creek for the building of the Homegrounds. Don Mittag reported a check for $975.00 for 3 gun racks would be received from IBEW #494. He also reported that Kolar will be donating $15,000.00 for a trap field in addition to sponsoring the Kolar Arms Singles Championship. Fred Kasten gave a check for $5000.00 for his final payment on a trapfield, and Gary Strasser gave a $5000.00 check as the 1st payment for a trapfield. Bruce has been in contact with a local bank for a loan and has another meeting set with them. He and Dennis are to meet next week with an interested person regarding a loan. Funds are needed to continue with building these grounds.

Lunch: 1:30-2:00pm

6) Donation Committee – Fred Kasten/Fritz Thistle. Following suggestions were made:
A. Conduct an Inaugural Shoot with dignitaries media attending.
Action: Ribbon Cutting, Tues, July 16, 9:30 am. Honor guard presentation of flag, Dignitaries, Jim Beasley of Tilden Trophies will produce special commemorative buckles for purchase at $99.00. Only 100 will be made and numbered. Limited number of free targets, use of guns, and assistance on several traps made available. Media blitz, including Trapshooting USA, Trap & Field, etc.

B. Set up Corporate giving such as gold level, silver level, corp. level.
Action: This is already on the Website.

C. An amount given for naming rights. Place on billboard, road sign, back of chairs, etc.
Action: Discussed

D. More information exchanged to all gun clubs in the state regarding the activities of where we are

with the home grounds, and planned future activities.
Action: Discussed

E. Bricks on front of building (if front of building has bricks) bearing names of donors instead of

plaques. Pictures of such sent to Corporate donors
Action: Discussed.

F. Develop & sell logo to sponsors.
Action: Already have Logo, trademarked.

G. Have defibrillators on sight. Have emergency service on hand.
Action: 2 are available at $900.00 each. EMS will be on hand.

H. Invite small gun clubs to become a dues paying member of the WTA, to receive newsletter, advertising, etc.
Action: Discussed

I. Conduct shooting clinics and training
Action: Discussed

Fritz and Fred were thanked for their many good suggestions.

2013 State Shoot.

State Shoot Program: The title page will read: WTA Shooting Complex & Learning Center. All pages were reviewed. Connie will get changes to John Atkielski. Event 1 to follow ribbon cutting ceremonies. Ray Moser will be shooting the first shot of first event. Meet and Greet on Thursday evening 5-10pm. in the tent. All State Team members will be presented with their awards. Free Pig Roast, soda and beer. Tom Jensen, Pat Taylor, Pete Lanvit families have already donated $75.00 each to help offset the expenses. Beer has been donated by Steve Wolf. Open to public. Present will be the full board, All State Team, local bank and town directors as well as neighbors, Fire and Police chiefs. Don Mittag made a motion to have a pig roast without music. Dennis seconded the motion, motion approved.

Two large tents, tables & chairs, portable toilets have been ordered. Storage pods to be used for classifying, squadding, cashiering, computer/scoring, and trophies have been committed for. Space for the above activities in these pods will be very limited.

Food Vendors: There will be one main vendor on the grounds along with several small groups, such as Boy Scouts, 4H, FFA on the line.

Banquet – Lake Arrowhead Golf Club -Sat. July 20. 250 tickets will be printed for sale at $40 each, 2 for $70, children at $25. Tickets to be sold in advance, contact Arlene. Banquet Posters 11″x17″ will be placed in local businesses with Connie’s phone number for contact. Other than Hall of Fame inductees, no tickets will be issued free of charge. Hall of Fame induction will take place following the dinner. MANY more items are needed for the raffles and auction. A list of items must be maintained. Notify Connie, Arlene, or Bruce of donations.

Next meeting: Monday evening, February 25, 6:30 pm, teleconference. Gary Fechter made a motion to pay bills and follow with adjournment – 6:05 pm, Glenn seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Arlene Otto. Secretary/Treasurer