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Minutes: January 5, 2013


January 5, 2013

The meeting of the Wisconsin Trapshooting Association Board of Directors was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by President Bruce Stiteley. Directors present were Don Mittag, SW: Dennis Taylor, Ken Cerney, NE Bill Simonar, Gary Strasser, NW Glenn Hamerly, ATA Delegates Rick Tesker, Kevin Doerring and Dwight Paulin. Others present: John Atkielski, Jay Nigbor, Arlene & Dick Otto. Excused were Gary Fechter.

Items discussed as per Agenda:

1. Secretary/Treasurer Position: Due to the demands of their full time jobs, and family, Sarah and Jay Adams have resigned as Sec./Treasurer. As of January 1, 2013, Arlene Otto has resumed the position with unanimous approval by the Board. Discussion to split the office followed. It was suggested to contact Melinda Mittag, Tim Thompson, Carol Keeley, Mary Bleiler, and Ellen Raisbeck to see if there would be any interest in volunteering as a Registered Shoot Coordinator. This position would be responsible for shoot date applications and shoot reports. The WTA will continue to look for a Treasurer. The position pays $600.00 per month. Don will post this position as well as that of Treasurer on the Website Blog. Discussed was having a complete outside audit done as the Association has become a much larger business than in the past and it has never been done before. Following discussion, it was decided changes would be made to the website, requesting passwords from Sarah Adams. Mike Pigusch and Reed Slaby will be contacted by Ken Cerney to discuss future possibilities.

2 A.Hall of Fame: The Board thanked John Atkielski and Jay Nigbor for their task of bringing the Hall of Fame back to the standards for which it was intended. They presented the guidelines set in re-establishing the procedures for nomination and selection for future Hall of Fame Inductees. These cover the evolution of changes, including the handling of removal of members of the Hall of Fame. Don made a motion to accept the guidelines as presented, Ken seconded the motion. It was unanimously approved. These guidelines will be included on the website.

2B. Rick Tesker made a motion to accept the recommendations for the 2013 Inductees – Dennis Taylor and Fritz Thistle. They were approved unanimously by a hand count. Ken Cerney thanked the committee and stated the Hall of Fame members acted as ambassadors to trapshooting throughout the country. Induction will take place at the Banquet, to be held at the Arrowhead Gold Club on Saturday evening. Tickets will be less expensive this year – $70.00 for two, and $40.00 for a single ticket.

2C. An additional nominee, Don Mittag, was recommended by the committee for induction into the 2014 Hall of Fame. Rick Tesker made the motion to accept Don for induction in 2014, Bill Simonar seconded the motion. The motion was unanimous by a hand count.

3. 2012 All State Team was discussed. Don Mittag stated the committee must adhere to the rules as set. It was decided that applications be received by the committee no later than Nov. 1, and teams be listed on the Website by Nov. 15, including a statement that these are preliminary teams barring any changes. Changes/corrections can be made after the 15 providing the original application be received prior to Nov. 1. The applications will be available on the Website. All State Team biographies will be on the Website, and not printed in the meeting booklets to save printing expenses. The Teams will be honored at the “Meet & Greet” during the State Shoot.

4. ATA Delegate: Rick reported many changes in the 2013 ATA Rule Book. It is available on the ATA Website, and the ATA will mail them to shooters on request. Shooters should be aware of the changes.

5. Zone Shoots:
June 1 & 2 – NW Zone – Weston Gun Club and SE Zone – Beaver Dam Conservation
June 8 & 9 – NE Zone – Gateway Gun Club and SW Zone – Janesville Conservation
ATA 1st Alternate Delegate – Kevin Doerring was waiting to receive the Zone shoot programs from NE and SE Zones for approval.

6. 2013 State Shoot: Glenn Hamerly, in charge of hiring and training of outside help reported all was set to go. 10 new Pat Traps have been ordered and ready March 1 at a cost of $71,000.00. Tournament Director Connie Riemer submitted details regarding all other phases of the State Shoot. We need to borrow a minimum of 4 sets of Voice Releases. Commitments have been made to borrow 16 Pat traps. Dick Otto will speak with Larry Mohr (Ill.) regarding the possibility of borrowing some of theirs as a back up. Dave Bartelt and Myron Bumsted will be on hand for trap repair. Return to discussion later in meeting.

12:30-1pm – Lunch Break

7. Jeff Ebel of Ebel Consulting spoke to the Board of a comprehensive business plan. He thought it would be completed in approximately one month. The cost is $3200.00. Additional expenses might be necessary. Bruce & Dennis will meet with him on Thursday, Jan. 10 in< Portage. A $2000.00 deposit was issued. When completed, it is intended to be available on a protected site on our Website.

8A. Shooting & Training Center Update: We have only 1 current debt left to pay to Royal Construction. Ray Moser very generously gave $90,000.00 as a loan, which was used for construction. Plum Creek has donated $7,000.00. Four banks are currently considering financing, all contingent on the business plan. Jessica Fandrich of General Engineering Co. of Portage is currently doing Grant writing and has received several responses. Fred Kasten and Fritz Thistle will be contacting donors for product items, and at a later date, for donated financing.

Bill reported there were 10 camping spots remaining. So far, monies have not been received for 8. These will be released once remaining available sites are taken if not paid.

Don reported Kolar had offered a special gun for raffle. Because it is extremely difficult to sell raffle tickets, Kolar has generously agreed to donating a trap field in place of a gun.

Glenn Hamerly displayed trap machine stands. The Board agreed to purchase 30 of them at $178.61 each. They will be needed by April 1.

8B. 2013 State Shoot Program. Connie submitted 2 proposals from printers. It was decided to go with Zip Prints, LLC. It will be black print on white, or partial color. 14 Banks will be used, 1A & 1B on East end, 14A & 14B on West end, with Practice on traps 17 & 18. Entry fees will remain at $31.00/hundred, practice will remain at $6.00/25. Arlene will be in charge of Presquading to begin May 1. A limited number of golf cars will be available for rent only by prepaid reservation at $250.00 per 6 day week. No daily rentals. Contact Connie. Proof of Liability Insurance will be required for approval of use on the grounds. Upon proof of liability insurance, the WTA will provide stickers to be placed on the golf cars. Golf cars without the stickers will not be permitted on the grounds.

Meet & Greet: On Thursday evening, there will be a “Meet & Greet” gathering in the tent. It was tentatively decided to have a pig roast, side dishes, and beverages. It will be free (donations accepted) to all, including area non-shooters. The 2012 All-State Teams and high Average Awards members will be inducted at that time.

Next meeting was set for February 16th.

Ken made a motion for adjournment – 3:45 pm, Bill seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,
Arlene Otto